Hauck 597330 baby safety gate Grey

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 Hauck 597330 baby safety gate Grey
 - Hauck 597330 baby safety gate Grey
 - Hauck 597330 baby safety gate Grey
 - Hauck 597330 baby safety gate Grey
 - Hauck 597330 baby safety gate Grey

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The safety gate for kids is fixed with 4 pressure points between doors or stairs with a width of 96 cm to 101 cm and doesn't require drilling.


The double safety lock prevents children from opening the wide door by themselves. Adults can open the lock with one hand in both directions.


With a separate extension of 9cm or 21cm (sold separately), the gate can be extended up to 122cm, which is convenient for wider openings, too.

Stair railings

The safety gate can also be installed on round railings with the help of the so-called Y-Spindles by hauck (sold separately).

The safety gate Stop N Safe 2 comes with a 21cm extension and can be used to childproof openings of 96 to 101 cm. If you want to secure smaller openings (84 - 89 cm), we recommend the Stop N Safe 2 that comes with a 9cm extension and for standard openings (75 - 80 cm) the Stop N Safe 2 without any extension. Each gate can be combined with a maximum of two extensions, one on each side. For round stair railings, we recommend our Y-spindle.

The metal safety gate is installed with four fixing screws by pressure in between stairs, walls or doors and leaves no trace when removed. Adults can open the 50 cm wide door with one hand only in both directions. This way, one hand remains free for the little explorer. The door's two-fold manual locking mechanism can't be opened by small children.

With an additional 9 cm or 21 cm extension (sold separately), the Stop N Safe 2 gate can be extended up to 122 cm. If the gate is to be installed on round stair railings, we recommend the hauck Y-Spindles as accessories. These replace the fixing screws on the safety gate's side that needs to be fixed on round railings.

The following opening widths are possible:

75 - 80 cm = safety gate (without extensions)
96 - 101 cm = safety gate + 21 cm extension (included)
105 - 110 cm = safety gate + 21 cm extension (included) + 9 cm extension (optional)
117 - 122 cm = safety gate + 21 cm extension (included) + 21 cm extension (optional)

Please note:
This item is a self-adjusting gate. This means that the initial inclination of the side part is eliminated by tightening the locking screws in the frame. This way, a secure hold and a parallel fixation of the side parts is possibile.


Belangrijkste verkooppunten:
Door opens to both sides with one hand
Easy installation with pressure fit
For doors and stairs of 96 - 101 cm, extendable up to 122 cm
Manual locking mechanism with double safety catch
Model available also incl. 9 cm extension (84 - 89 cm)
Optionally: Y spindles for mounting on staircases
Hauck 597330. Product colour: Grey, Mounting type: Pressure mounted, Opening type: Manual. Maximum width: 12.2 cm, Height: 770 mm


Product Type:
Trap- en deurroosters
Afmetingen pakket:
0.784 x 0.596 x 0.054 m;
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