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With our Rigid LED bars we offer you a particularly stylish and high-quality upgrade for your PC. This LED bar is 30 cm in length and consists of 27 ultra- bright LEDs.

For the production of our Rigid LED Bars we ensure in advance that only components of the highest quality, in accordance with industrial standards, are used. The SMD5050 high-end LEDs we use are especially bright and develop an impressive luminosity.

Our Rigid LED bars come with a 3-Pin Molex connector for the power supply. This makes connecting them to a power supply as easy as it gets.

Of course the Rigid LED bars are easily dimmable. For example, you can connect the bars to a fan control of your case. The wide control range of the LED strips (approx. 7 – 12 Volt) allows you to adjust the intensity of the illumination to your own demands.

An adaptor cable is sold separately, which allows you to connect two of the LED bars and connect them to a single power supply. By employing additional 3-Pin Y-cables or 3-Pin extension cables, it is very easy to install a complete system of LED-strips and connect them to a single power source.

Please note, however, the power consumption of each LED Bars – we are not liable for any possible damage to your hardware due to improper use.

Included are adhesive stripes which allow a very easy installation of the Rigid LED strips.

You can use the LED bars in a variety of different ways, for example in car-modding or in your living room.

Each rigid LED strip has been tested during and after production. Only bars that generate 100% full illumination are made available.

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Technische informatie Nanoxia NRLED30W. Soort lamp: LED, Levensduur lamp: 50000 uur. Kleur licht: Wit, Lichtstroom: 6000 lm. Typisch stroomverbruik: 6,4 W. Lengte: 30 cm

Karakteristieken Nanoxia NRLED30W. Kleur licht: Wit, Aantal lampen: 27 gloeilamp(en), Type lamp: LED. Typisch stroomverbruik: 6,4 W. Lengte: 30 cm



GTIN 04260285294495

Verschijningsdatum 18.07.2015

Artikelnummer NRLED30W

Nanoxia NRLED30W lichtstrip LED 30 cm


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€ 17,63
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