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The Raclettes RC 3 series, manufactured in Germany, is one of the highest quality Raclettes in Europe. The powerful and infinitely adjustable heating system reaches high grill temperatures after a very short time. On a grill surface of 26 x 26cm you have enough space to grill with 6-8 people at the same time. The 8 enamelled pans are cut and scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The on/off switch, the operating indicator light and the cable winder offer additional ease of use. When grilling on the enamelled cast steel grill plate, nothing will roast on you. Thanks to the efficient heating system, the grill plate reaches operating temperature in just 10 minutes. The special feature: the plate is reversible! On one side it offers a grill pattern, while the other side is smooth. This is perfect for fish, for example. The RC 3 Plus also has a natural stone grill plate which can be used instead of the cast plate. When grilling on the natural lava stone, fat can be almost completely dispensed with and nothing frying. The stone stores the heat and releases it evenly - so you achieve optimal grilling results. Also the cutting of meat on the stone is no problem, because it is cut and scratch resistant. So with the RC3 Plus you have the choice between 2 preparation methods - the classic raclette and the hot stone.

Kenmerken van product

Technische informatie Steba RC 3 PLUS CHROME. Vermogen: 1450 W. Breedte: 360 mm, Diepte: 360 mm, Hoogte: 140 mm

Karakteristieken - Made in Germany
- stainless steel housing
- Reversible, enamelled cast steel grill plate (ribbed / smooth)
- Natural stone grill plate, cut and scratch resistant
- 8 enamelled pans
- Dishwasher safe
- Cut and scratch resistant
- grill surface approx. 26 x 26 cm
- Infinitely variable temperature controller
- On/Off switch
- operating control lamp
- cable rewind



GTIN 4011833300713

Verschijningsdatum 03.08.2011

Maat 140 x 360 x 360  mm

Gewicht van product 9400 g

Kleur Chroom

Artikelnummer 621300

Steba RC 3 Plus Chrome Raclette "Made in Germany" Stone | Cast 621300


€ 122,64

Verkoper Dodax EU

Bezorgdatum: tussen woensdag, 28. oktober en vrijdag, 30. oktober

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€ 122,64
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