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The RC 18's powerful and infinitely variable heating system achieves high grill temperatures within a very short time. On a grill surface of 45 x 22.5 cm you have enough space to grill 6-8 people at the same time. The 8 non-stick coated pans can be easily cleaned and are provided with a color marking. The rectangular shape is ideal for a table and its 1.8 m long connection cable allows the RC 18 to be easily placed in the centre of the table. When grilling on the reversible (grill pattern & flat side), non-stick coated die-cast grill plate will not roast anything on you. Thanks to the efficient heating system, the grill plate reaches operating temperature in just 10 minutes. This ensures that meat, fish or vegetables are always cooked to perfection. The RC 18 also has a natural stone grill plate. When grilling on the natural stone, fat can be almost completely dispensed with and nothing will fry. The stone stores the heat and releases it evenly - so you achieve optimal grilling results. Also the cutting of meat on the stone is no problem, because it is cut and scratch resistant. So the RC 18 has 2 different ways of preparation - the classic raclette and the hot stone.

Kenmerken van product

Karakteristieken - High-quality natural stone grill plate for low-fat grilling (22.5 x 22.5 cm)
- Reversible, non-stick grill plate made of die-cast aluminium for even heat distribution (22.5 x 22.5 cm)
- 8 non-stick coated pans for easy cleaning
- 8 pan scraper
- Infinitely variable temperature controller
- temperature control lamp
- Non-slip feet
- 1.8 m connection cable
- grill surface approx. 45 x 22,5 cm



GTIN 4011833303530

Maat 150 x 470 x 260  mm

Gewicht van product 5000 g

Artikelnummer 631800

Steba RC 18 Multi Raclette Stone Cast 631800


€ 81,82

Verkoper Dodax EU

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€ 81,82
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