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Zola Moon Undercover
Zola Moon - Undercover

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ZOLA MOON IS ONE OF THE MOST CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ARTISTS ON CDBABY. HER ASTOUNDING VOCAL VIRTUOSITY, GRITTILY BRILLIANT SONGWRITING, AND INCREDIBLE INTENSITY AS A LIVE PERFORMER HAVE MADE HER A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH FOR OVER 25 YEARS. THE QUOTES BELOW ARE FROM MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, WRITERS, REVIEWERS, AND DJs FROM AROUND THE WORLD. ABSOLUTELY NO VOCAL PITCH CORRECTION OR VOCAL AUGMENTATION WAS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS CD. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 'A charismatic singer with a restless, wailing sound, Zola Moon's literate original tunes exude a Charles Bukowski wit and a lyrical immediacy. This longtime vet remains one of the Southland's best-kept musical secrets.'--LOS ANGELES WEEKLY 'Zola Moon's pretty damn scary; she can belt 'em out like nobody's bidness. When she croons, she grabs you by your throat, knocks you out flat, sits on your chest, and makes sure you know how much she's hurtin'.'--ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY 'I was too young for Billie Holiday; I never got to see Janis Joplin perform, but I can tell the world that I've seen Zola Moon and, friends, she is something to see. Zola Moon is an artist you can tell your grandchildren about.'--SOUTHBOUND BEAT 'Zola Moon's talent as a singer and a songwriter cannot be denied. She can be hurt by the end of a relationship or by economic hardship or by the state of the world, but she never gives in to self pity or despair; she's too tough, gutsy and hip for that. She keeps bouncing back and fighting back, because that's her nature; her voice won't be stilled. And what a voice it is, capable of hard-rockin' joy, bitter sorrow, deeply felt love.'--THE SCOPE 'If talent is truly in the equation, this Moon should rise, indeed.'--MUSIC CONNECTION "Zola Moon sings the blues in an authentic way that's won critical acclaim from scribes all over the world. She's been often compared to Janis Joplin and Big Mama Thornton and is known for her burning live performances."--PASADENA WEEKLY 'Zola Moon's live performances grab you by the throat.'--INLAND VALLEY DAILY BULLETIN 'You get 200 percent when she's on stage. She must lose at least 5 pounds a night when she performs. Zola Moon is marked for greatness.'--CULTURE WARS 'Her name is Zola Moon and she is a huge talent. Not only does she write the songs, she sings the hell out of them.'--WHAT'S UP 'Zola Moon's incredible voice, smoldering presence, and powerful charisma have captivated everyone from legendary players to brain-fried club patrons.'--BUZZ 'Wow! This gal has a great set of powerful pipes. Zola Moon pulls no punches. There is a real echo of Big Mama Thornton and Janis Joplin and I'd be the last to complain about that.'--JAZZREVIEWS.COM 'Steamy, raw, wailing songs; she is completely original. Miss seeing Zola Moon at your own risk.'--ROCK CITY NEWS 'Zola Moon is a riveting stage presence. With her flair for improvisation, each performance has it's own unique flavor. Her powerful style and charisma are undeniable. Don't miss her act.'--NEW MILLENNIUM 'Zola Moon can rip through a song with the ferocity of a caged lion that's finally been freed.'--STEREOPLAY 'Zola Moon is one of the TOP TEN artists of the year.'--FEMMUSIC.COM 'Zola Moon serves up fiery original songs and powerfully versatile vocals.'--PLAYBACK 'Zola Moon is one of the most exciting singers in the United States.'--THE-MP3 WAY.COM 'I think 'WOW' best sums up what I felt when I first heard Zola Moon.'--Mark 'DJ Dawg' Douglas: DH NET RADIO 'From the first time of the many times I have seen Zola perform, I have always considered her incredible voice and power to be true forces of nature.'--Vince Daniels: WPMD 'Man, if Zola Moon doesn't grab you by the soul, then you must be dead!'--DJ Smilestir: BLUE ICEWATER RADIO, blueicewater.cjb.net 'Zola Moon and her music are hot as Hell.'--Johnny Timewarp, WFCS 107.7 FM, CONNECTICUT 'Zola Moon has a powerhouse voice. These are original songs sung by a woman who puts her heart and soul into her work.'--Doug Lewis: The Doug Lewis Show, WGVN, 107.3 FM, St. Thomas, US VIRGIN ISLANDS 'Zola Moon not only sings, but writes from the heart, always with honesty, power and beauty.'--LIVELY ARTS 'As Zola Moon sings, you can feel the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck standing on end. She grabs you by the throat and comes up fighting.'--SOCAL SCENE "Zola Moon is out of this world."--SAN BERNARDINO SUN "With a big voice and a cooking trio behind her, Zola Moon is in direct lineage with such past belters as Big Mama Thornton and Janis Joplin."--LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM "Zola Moon is definitely NOT a shrinking violet."--SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE "Zola Moon has delighted critics, fans, and radio personnel in multiple corners of the world, from Australia to Spain, Japan to Pasadena."--INLAND POST 'Zola Moon is one of the all time great singers.'--EDGE Zola Moon is the REAL DEAL.'--Karen E. Reynolds: WDVX 'Zola Moon is making a name for herself like there's no tomorrow.'--4 FRONT 'It's not often that we get a singer that has the ballsy style of Zola Moon. TOTALLY original. If you love it hot & heavy with GUTS, you'll agree with me when I declare her to be one of the BEST OF THE BEST!' --IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION 'Zola Moon is a challenging talent and a master singer. Her incredible power and stunning vocals clearly prove that she is, indeed, a force to be reckoned with.'--GOGIRLSMUSIC.COM 'I am more excited about Zola Moon than any female singer that has passed my way in 47 years. She is the best I have ever heard. She is SPELLBINDING.'--BIG DADDY BLUZHARP 'Great musicianship and an incredible voice make Zola Moon a definite winner. For those of you who look at the Blues as an old man style of music, all I have to say is, listen to Zola! Those who have heard her, understand what I'm talking about. Those who are interested, are going to be shown the way. And those who say, 'Fuck this Blues shit, I want my fucking RAWK!', are going to miss out. Zola is just simply fantastic!!! Highest rating A++.'--LIVE MUSIC 'Not only does Zola sing her heart out, but she plays the harmonica, writes all the songs, and generally just shines.'--SOUTHLAND BLUES 'Willie Dixon once said to Koko Taylor 'That's what what the world needs, a woman with a voice like yours that sings the blues'. If Willie were alive today you can bet he'd be saying the same thing to Zola Moon. Zola serves up some wild rocking blues complete with gut wrenching vocals, hot guitar licks and some pretty mean harp-and shows that the blues don't have to be the same old thing, they can be fresh, original and very, very HOT!'--BLUEZ4U.COM 'When Zola sings, you can just FEEL the blues drip down, like wax on a candle.'--THE ONCE AND FUTURE BLUES 'Zola Moon should make any blues fan jump for joy.'--BLUESBOYMUSIC.COM 'It's very refreshing to hear something new, yet still in a great blues tradition. Zola Moon will be heard on my show over & over & over.'--Brett Parker: THE BLUES BOX, Logan 101.1FM, AUSTRALIA 'Zola Moon has a voice that places her on the same level with the legends of the blues. It is hard to find any accolades that haven't already been used to describe her talent.'--DELTA SNAKE DAILY BLUES 'Zola Moon has been picking up hot reviews from several quarters.'--BLUES ON STAGE 'Zola writes original songs that swing and rock, plays the harp, and is a full-voiced blues singer who can hold a note with power forever and still get soft and sultry.'--BLUES ACCESS 'It's 105 degrees in Texas, but Zola Moon makes that seem cool by comparison. This woman and her music are HOT!!!'--Dave Johnson: Host of the nationally-syndicated BLUES DELUXE radio program 'South Bay blues legend Zola Moon plays a wicked harp and belts the blues like she grew up on the Mississippi Delta.'--LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS 'Zola Moon has one of the best voices in blues. It is an incredible voice.'--MO' BAGS OF BLUES 'The blues would not be the blues without the timeless songs of people like John Lee Hooker, Robert John


CD 1


I'm Tore Down


Love in Vain


Walkin' Blues


Piece of My Heart




Night Life




Breakin' Up Somebody's Home


Secret Agent Man


I'd Rather Go Blind


Rock Me Baby


Ball and Chain


I Can't Stand the Rain


Tell Mama


The Serpent King


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