Show Stopper

door Country Boy
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Country Boy Show Stopper
Country Boy - Show Stopper

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Have you ever heard the term "Everything comes and goes in a vicious cycle!" In this case, it is very true. Ever since the evolution of rap, the world has been blessed with some of the most electrifying performers such as Doug E. Fresh, Busta Rhymes and Mystikal. Well it's that time again and next to step up is BIGTIME dat Country Boy. Country Boy was born Jermell Houston in Huntsville, Alabama where he first began honing his skills as a 10 year old kid named M.C. Bass performing in front of anyone who would listen to him rap. At that young age no one would have expected this young kid to be able to write the lyrics that he would spit out. When people heard him rap they were in awe and insisted that he take his talent to the stage. Both tried and true to the art he began to enter many talent shows. Although the local shows did nothing to advance his career they did create a fire that has been burning since the first time that he stepped onto the stage. In 1998, BIGTIME has indeed decided to step his game up and decided to join the military to venture out of his hometown to see what the world has to offer and to help support his passion for his music. After completing military training he ended up in Columbus, Mississippi where he met Kayline Hamilton (Nedditron), Cedrick White (Lil' Cane) and Nick Thomas (Mr. Nick), members of the underground super rap group known as Double Deuce. After many collaborations and performances Country Boy joined Double Deuce and added the fire to the wick of the already explosive threesome. In 2002, Country Boy moved to Florida and stayed on the grind and continued to shine. While living in Fort Walton Beach he has hooked up with many of the hottest producers on the Gulf Coast and continued to amaze audiences with his ability to make any song that he touches hot and even make the hardest of the hard bounce. This was put to the test when he was asked to feature on a track with the Gulf Coast Heavyweights "Distant Pham." The song turned out to be a smash and led to the being featured on their album "The Hunger!" Country Boy is truly the chameleon of rap! Custom fitting his style to match any artist that he collaborates with. No matter what the feel of the track there's no doubt "It's gonna remain Dirty!" Now forward to the year 2006, Country Boy now resides in San Antonio, Texas. He has networked and hooked up with some of the hottest unsigned artist and management teams around the area. In just 6 months Country Boy has become a house hold name. Whether it is live in concert or playing on your favorite radio station you will definitely be amazed at his talent.


CD 1


It's Show Time (01:37) - Countryboy


Lyrical Convict (04:03) - Countryboy


Everything (03:36) - Countryboy


Crunk Enough II (06:33) - Countryboy


Ballin' (03:46) - Countryboy


Move Something (03:21) - Countryboy


Rocking Crowds (04:16) - Countryboy


Iz It? (03:13) - Countryboy


Party and Bullshit (03:55) - Countryboy


Country Boy (03:43) - Countryboy


Tremblin' (04:13) - Countryboy


Dickie Down (04:30) - Countryboy


I Pray (04:52) - Countryboy


Never Change (03:03) - Countryboy


Bang Bang (03:03) - Countryboy


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Country Boy
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Top Notch Music


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25 september 2007
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