2N Telecommunications 914422E Public Address-speaker (PA)

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2N Telecommunications 2N Telecommunications 914422E Public Address-speaker (PA)
2N Telecommunications - 2N Telecommunications 914422E Public Address-speaker (PA)

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Levering: tussen 2020-12-08 en 2020-12-10
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2N® SIP Speaker Horn

2N® SIP Speaker Horn is an outdoor speaker with exceptionally loud and clear sound. Use the speaker as a practical tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas and actively protect your property. If an unwelcome visitor enters your premises, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser.

Loudest sound on the market

You can rely on the top-quality sound and excellent audibility. The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn outdoor speaker delivers the loudest sound of all IP speakers on the market (SPLmax 124dB).

Announcement planner

You can broadcast live and preset announcements. Announcements can be scheduled using the advanced planning function.

Connectivity with VMS using ONVIF

Seamless compatibility with video management software (VMS) allows you to respond remotely to anything you see on your camera system with live or preset announcements.

Server-free solution
2N® SIP Speaker Horn is an independently operating audio solution that does not require a server. You do not need to purchase any additional hardware

Easy installation with a single cable
The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn outdoor speaker is very easy to install simply by connecting it to an existing IP network with a PoE cable

Support for IP PBX (SIP)
The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn device may function independently or be simply connected to IP PBX

Audio test
The speaker automatically performs regular audio tests to detect errors and will report a problem if any is detected

Noise detection
2N® SIP Speaker is also capable of monitoring noise levels. If noise levels exceed specified limits, the device automatically responds with the relevant settings

The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn device is also intended for outdoor use and has the IP67 protection rating.

Kenmerken van product

Karakteristieken 2N Telecommunications 914422E. Speaker plaatsing: Muur-montage, Kleur van het product: Grijs. Gemiddeld vermogen: 25 W, Impedantie: 8 Ohm, Frequentiebereik: 275 - 12000 Hz. Breedte: 232,7 mm, Diepte: 309,6 mm, Hoogte: 232,7 mm



GTIN 08595159509181

Verschijningsdatum 30.03.2017

Maat 232.7 x 232.7 x 309.6  mm

Gewicht van product 2300 g

Kleur Grijs

Artikelnummer 914422E

€ 588,47
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