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Hardware that Bites
Let your hardware emerge from the deep darkness of your room. The NIGHT SHARK, our brawniest PC case so far, has been especially developed for high-performance gaming set-ups which are made to be seen. Not only have we provided this ATX midi tower with a snappy front panel and a showroom window made of tempered glass - but this time, we’ve turned our usual design on its head: The power supply tunnel is now on top – right on the water line of the shark’s fin. Thus, underneath, the hardware can be viewed in all its wonder: from the radiator, glowing in neon light on the bottom panel, across the illuminated RAM modules, up to the eye-catching fan of the power supply.

Choose Your Case, Cooling and Colors
There is more than just one species of NIGHT SHARK, providing you with a choice of fans for the desired cooling and illumination. The NIGHT SHARK RGB is equipped with one fan on the back and two fans at the front, all with addressable RGB LEDS. An LED control with 14 lighting modes is supplied with the case. The NIGHT SHARK Blue and the NIGHT SHARK Red are a little less wild and have LED fans in the corresponding colors. The NIGHT SHARK Lite, on the other hand, swims around without fans, ready to be caught and equipped with your own complete choice of airflow systems. All these species do have one thing in common: they offer more space for additional fans or for water cooling. Handy, extra-long slots are provided for installing the water cooling tank.

Voracious Appetite for Hardware!
Since high-performance hardware generally needs more space, we’ve utilized the inside of the NIGHT SHARK to its maximum: In addition to the usual form factors, the case is also ready for mainboards with dual or multiple processors (SSI EEB), and it can easily eat other big chunks, such as graphics cards with a maximum length of 42 cm. The adjustable VGA holder helps support the weight of the graphics card, thus eliminating potential bending and damage to the hardware. Inside the tunnel, on top of the case, there is room for a power supply measuring up to 29.5 cm including cables. The height of the CPU cooler can be 16 cm. And there’s enough appetite for more: Up to three 3.5" hard drives and up to five 2.5" drives will have room inside the shark’s stomach. As an extra snack, a 5.25" drive can be installed in the front panel.

Kenmerken van product

Karakteristieken Sharkoon NIGHT SHARK. Vormfactor: Midi ATX Tower, Soort: PC, Kleur van het product: Zwart. Aantal geïntstalleerde ventilators voorkant: 2x 120 mm, Zijkant ventilators ondersteunende diameters: 120 mm, Geïnstalleerde ventilators achterkant: 1x 120 mm. Ondersteunde HDD-groottes: 2.5,3.5". Breedte: 210 mm, Diepte: 503 mm, Hoogte: 475 mm



GTIN 04044951026241

Verschijningsdatum 30.08.2018

Maat 475 x 210 x 503  mm

Gewicht van product 8440 g

Artikelnummer 4044951026241

Sharkoon NIGHT SHARK Midi ATX Tower Zwart


€ 96,84

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Bezorgdatum: tussen maandag, 2. november en woensdag, 4. november

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€ 96,84
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