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Innovative Cage Kit for GoPro Hero 2/3/3 +

GoPro application to use the GoPro connectors in combination with Cage system

including with versatile and flexible handle. L-angle and hot shoe adapter

Made in Germany

Cage made ​​of extremely lightweight aircraft aluminum

Professional Films with the GoPro allows the walimex pro Action Set for GoPro Hero 2/3/3 +. Specifically designed for the action camera, the kit not only provides a custom-fit and extremely flexible Cage system, but also an innovative GoPro-use, the use of micro and mini HDMI port of GoPro in connection with the Aptaris Cage system allows. With this set is a flexible handle included L-bracket with 1/4 inch thread for attachment of accessories as well as a hot shoe adapter. All set components are designed and manufactured in Germany and convince by high precision in processing. Are used very lightweight aircraft aluminum and stainless steel - for extreme durability and resistance!

Aptaris GoPro Hero

walimex pro Aptaris GoPro Hero was developed specifically for the GoPro Hero 2 and 3, and thus adapts to 100% of the camera. This Aptaris is fixed with just a few clicks on the housing of the GoPro and you're prepared for any action use.
Aptaris not only gives you extra protection for your GoPro, but allows a large number of 1/4 inch threads and 2 3/8 thread the attachment of accessories on all sides. For exciting prospects or filming near the bottom, you can also attach an handle - whether below, above or the side. For what use whatsoever, Aptaris GoPro allows you maximum flexibility! Due to the absolute fit of the remains unrestricted access to all controls.
And another special extra: The GoPro housing can be opened and the camera can be removed without having to disassemble the cage system.

Handle incl. L-angle

This innovative handle which offers great flexibility. The basic element is a mini-Nato-Rail, which can be fastened or other systems via a 1/4 inch thread on "Aptaris". About this turn, you can attach the L-bracket, which acts as a base for the handle and also eg can be used as a monitor holder. Since the handle has standard 1/4 thread, you can of course also without Mini-Rail and L-brackets to the "Aptaris" fix and other cage systems.

Hot Shoe Adapter

The hot shoe adapter simply clips over two 1/4 inch thread on the Cage. He impresses with an extremely precise processing, so that eg a microphone is smooth to apply.

GoPro inlay

The GoPro inlay offers the possibility of the action camera in combination with the "Aptaris" GoPro to use - without the waterproof GoPro housing. This allows you to use Cage system the micro and mini-HDMI port on the GoPro in connection with the "Aptaris". Thanks to several 1/4 inch threaded side and at the bottom you can inlay without Cage, for example, use on a tripod. For a secure fit, a high-quality rubber band that surrounds the camera and the inlay provides.

Scope of delivery:

Aptaris Action Set GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero Aptaris consisting of 1x, 1x Aptaris handle incl. L-Bracket, 1x Aptaris hot shoe adapter, 1x Aptaris GoPro inlay

Kenmerken van product

Technische informatie Walimex pro Action-Set. Breedte: 8,4 cm, Diepte: 3,7 cm, Hoogte: 9,3 cm

Karakteristieken Walimex pro Action-Set. Breedte: 84 mm, Diepte: 37 mm, Hoogte: 93 mm



GTIN 04250234500562

Verschijningsdatum 28.06.2014

Maat 93 x 84 x 37  mm

Gewicht van product 110 g

Kleur Aluminium

Materiaal Aluminium

Artikelnummer 20056

Walimex pro Action-Set kooi voor camerabescherming 1/4" Aluminium


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