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Kingdom Hearts III tells a story about the power of friendship and the struggle of light against darkness. The young hero Sora must embark with his friends Donald Duck and Goofy on a dangerous adventure through numerous Disney and Pixar worlds, seeking the help of many famous characters to locate the Seven Guardians of Light. Only with their help can they stop the evil Xehanort, who wants to plunge the world into darkness.

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Karakteristieken Adventures in Disney and Pixar worlds
On his journey Sora meets many Disney and Pixar characters and defends the universe with them. Among them are heroes from The Ice Queen - Completely brazen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rapunzel - Newly spoiled, Monster AG, Toy Story, Hercules, Baymax - Giant Robowabohu and many more.
Unleash the power of the key swords
Sora's key swords can now take on additional shapes with new abilities. Several can even be equipped to unlock spectacular attacks.
Experience Magic
The Disney Pixar characters are also at Sora's side in battle. But even new attacks inspired by theme park attractions can bring the enemies to their knees.
Exciting and action-packed battles
There are numerous new game elements tailored to each Disney Pixar world. You can fight opponents on huge cliffs, while diving or even in free fall.
Experience classic Disney short films in mini-games
Take a break from saving the world with over 20 mini-games inspired by Disney's short film classics. The retro style was inspired by popular LCD handheld systems from the 80s.



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Xbox One - Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix

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