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I have found many thousands more readers than I ever looked for. I have no right to say to these, You shall not ?nd fault with my art, or fall asleep over my pages; but I ask you to believe that this person writing strives to tell the truth. If there is not that, there is nothing. William Makepeace Thackeray, The History of Pendennis This is a monograph/textbook on the probabilistic aspects of gambling, intended for those already familiar with probability at the post-calculus, p- measure-theory level. Gambling motivated much of the early development of probability the- 1 ory (David 1962). Indeed, some of the earliest works on probability include Girolamo Cardano s [1501 1576] Liber de Ludo Aleae (The Book on Games of Chance, written c. 1565, published 1663), Christiaan Huygens s [1629 1695] De ratiociniis in ludo aleae ( On reckoning in games of chance, 1657), Jacob Bernoulli s [1654 1705]Ars Conjectandi (The Art of Conject- ing, written c. 1690, published 1713), Pierre R emond de Montmort s [1678 1719] Essay d analyse sur les jeux de hasard (Analytical Essay on Games of Chance, 1708, 1713), and Abraham De Moivre s [1667 1754]TheDoctrineof Chances (1718, 1738, 1756). Gambling also had a major in?uence on 20- century probability theory, as it provided the motivation for the concept of a martingale.


From the reviews:

"I'm very happy to be reviewing Ethier's labor of love The Doctrine of Chances: Probabilistic Aspects of Gambling. ... Each chapter ends with many exercises and fascinating historical notes and the book ends with a few mathematical appendices. ... Ethier's book is clearly aimed at a more mathematically sophisticated audience ... and for that reason I enjoyed Ethier's much more." (Peter Rabinovitch, The Mathematical Association of America, August, 2010)

"This textbook on probabilistic aspects of gambling is directed to those already familiar with probability at the post-calculus, pre-measure-theory level. ... Each chapter has a good selection of problems ... and some interesting notes, including some very interesting history. There is plenty of material here for a solid two-semester course, but there is enough independence among the chapters to allow for a variety of one-semester courses covering a subset of the chapters. The book is a welcome and well-researched addition to the field." (Gerald A. Heuer, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1198, 2010)

"The book by Ethier is unique in the contemporary literature as a university-level mathematical text with a wide coverage of the subject of 'calculating the probabilities of events in play'. ... The book ... is highly recommended for every mathematical library. University instructors will find thorough exposition, well suited for undergraduate courses and student projects. ... book can eventually be read by everyone familiar with the very basics of probability ... . Mathematical fans will be entertained by curious historical precedents and anecdotes." (Alexander V. Gnedin, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2011 j)

"This book has been written with great care by someone who loves the applications of probability to the casino industry. ... The problems at the end of each of the chapters are extensive and a rich source of motivation for further exploration. ... The book is very well suited for a mathematical audience. ... this book could also work for a course in the mathematics of gambling for a typical cohort of students in a casino management program ... ." (Brian Alspach, SIAM Review, Vol. 54 (4), 2012)


Auteur Stewart N. Ethier



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The Doctrine of Chances

Probabilistic Aspects of Gambling

Stewart N. Ethier

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