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Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warnning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career. Every step she takes makes her question her own beliefs of right and wrong--and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity's most seductive form of evil...


"The hottest detective in the next millenium is back with another explosive foray into murder and mayhem...The always superb J. D. Robb delivers electrifying suspense and hot, hot passion in another spectacular sizzler."-RT Book Reviews

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"Robb is a virtuoso."-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"It's Law & Order: SVU-in the future."-Entertainment Weekly

"J. D. Robb's In Death novels are can't-miss pleasures."-#1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben

"Anchored by terrific characters, sudden twists that spin the whole narrative on a dime, and a thrills-to-chills ration that will raise the neck hairs of even the most jaded reader, the J. D. Robb books are the epitome of great popular fiction."-New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane


A tradition of murder... Praise for Naked in Death: chapter one chapter two chapter three chapter four chapter five chapter six chapter seven chapter eight chapter nine chapter ten chapter eleven chapter twelve chapter thirteen chapter fourteen chapter fifteen chapter sixteen chapter seventeen chapter eighteen chapter nineteen chapter twenty A tradition of murder... On the north side of the house was an arbor of thin, somehow fluid iron. The vines twisting and tumbling over it were smothered with flowers wildly red. She had married him there, in an old traditional ceremony where vows were exchanged and promises made. A ceremony, she thought now. A rite that included music, flowers, witnesses, words that were repeated time after time, place after place, century through century... So it continued. Science and logic disproved, but the rites continued, incense and chanting, offerings and the drinking of wine that symbolized blood. And the sacrifice of the innocent. Annoyed with herself, she rubbed her hands over her face. Philosophizing was foolish and useless. Murder had been done by human force. And it was human force that would dispense justice. That was, after all, the ultimate balance of good and evil. Praise for Naked in Death: "Danger, romance...a masterpiece of fine writing." -Rendezvous "Superbly suspenseful and strikingly original." -Romantic Times This book contains a preview of J. D. Robb's next romantic suspense novel Vengeance in Death HOT ICE SACRED SINS BRAZEN VIRTUE SWEET REVENGE PUBLIC SECRETS GENUINE LIES CARNAL INNOCENCE DIVINE EVIL HONEST ILLUSIONS PRIVATE SCANDALS BORN IN FIRE BORN IN ICE BORN IN SHAME HIDDEN RICHES TRUE BETRAYALS DARING TO DREAM HOLDING THE DREAM FINDING THE DREAM MONTANA SKY SEA SWEPT RISING TIDES INNER HARBOR SANCTUARY HOMEPORT THE REEF ONCE UPON A CASTLE (anthology with Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Marianne Willman) FROM THE HEART (anthology) SILENT NIGHT (anthology with Susan Plunkett, Dee Holmes, and Claire Cross) Titles written as J. D. Robb NAKED IN DEATH GLORY IN DEATH IMMORTAL IN DEATH RAPTURE IN DEATH CEREMONY IN DEATH VENGENCE IN DEATH HOLIDAY IN DEATH CONSPIRACY IN DEATH CEREMONY IN DEATH J. D. ROBB BERKLEY BOOKS, NEW YORK chapter one Death surrounded her. She faced it daily, dreamed of it nightly. Lived with it always. She knew its sounds, its scents, even its texture. She could look it in its dark and clever eye without a flinch. Death was a tricky foe, she knew. One flinch, one blink, and it could shift, it could change. It could win. Ten years as a cop hadn't hardened her toward it. A decade on the force hadn't made her accept it. When she looked death in the eye, it was with the cold steel of the warrior. Eve Dallas looked at death now. And she looked at one of her own. Frank Wojinski had been a good cop, solid. Some would have said plodding. He'd been affable, she remembered. A man who hadn't complained about the bilge disguised as food at the NYPSD Eatery, or the eye-searing paperwork the job generated. Or, Eve thought, about the fact that he'd been sixty-two and had never made it past the rank of detective sergeant. He'd been on the pudgy side and had let his hair gray and thin naturally. It was a rare thing in 2058 for a man to bypass body sculpting and enhancements. Now, in his clear-sided view casket with its single spray of mournful lilies, he resembled a peacefully sleeping monk from an earlier time. He'd been born in an earlier time, Eve mused, coming into the world at the end of one millennium and living his life in the next. He'd been through the Urban Wars, but hadn't talked of them as so many of the older cops did. Frank hadn't been one for war stories, she recalled. He was more likely to pass around the latest s


Auteur J. D. Robb



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Ceremony in Death

J. D. Robb

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