ISBN Don'ts for Cricketers boek Sport & vrije tijd Hardcover Engels 80 pagina's

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ISBN ISBN Don'ts for Cricketers boek Sport & vrije tijd Hardcover Engels 80 pagina's
ISBN - ISBN Don'ts for Cricketers boek Sport & vrije tijd Hardcover Engels 80 pagina's

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Don'ts for Husbands and Don'ts for Wives were republished by A&C Black in 2007 and have sold more than one million copies to date. The advice contained in Don'ts for Cricketers was originally printed in 1888 and 1906 and contains hundreds of snippets of entertaining, timeless and amusing advice for cricketers of all abilities. The advice, ranging from technique and equipment to etiquette on the field, provides an entertaining snapshot of life in early twentieth-century Britain. On batting mentality: 'Don't be in two minds about how you are going to play the ball, for that way madness lies.' On batting technique: 'Don't fail to keep the ball down in driving, for you run great risk of being caught. Of course, the 'high drive' is an extremely pretty stroke.' On bowling mentality: 'Don't be sulky or sad if your bowling is punished or your captain takes you off bowling when you want to continue.' On bowling technique: 'Don't bend your elbow; it is not pleasant to be called for 'throwing' when you are bowling in a match.' On fielding: 'Don't forget the old story of the famous cricketer who scored 125 for the Gentlemen of England, but dropped so many catches that at the end of the day he was adjudged to owe his side 95 runs!' On the essence of the game: 'Don't forget the motto of that famous old cricket club, I Zingari: 'Keep your promise, keep your temper, keep your wicket up.''

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Karakteristieken ISBN Don'ts for Cricketers. Genre: Sport & vrije tijd, Type boekomslag: Hardcover, Taalversie: Engels. Breedte: 65 mm, Hoogte: 107 mm. Minimum bestelhoeveelheid: 1 stuk(s)



GTIN 09781408192221

Verschijningsdatum 29.11.2018

Maat 107 x 65  mm

Artikelnummer 9781408192221

€ 4,49
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