Handbook of Brand Semiotics

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George Rossolatos Handbook of Brand Semiotics
George Rossolatos - Handbook of Brand Semiotics

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Semiotics has been making progressively inroads into marketing research over the past thirty years. Despite the amply demonstrated conceptual appeal and empirical pertinence of semiotic perspectives in various marketing research streams, spanning consumer research, brand communications, branding and consumer cultural studies, there has been a marked deficit in terms of consolidating semiotic brand-related research under a coherent disciplinary umbrella with identifiable boundaries and research agenda.
The Handbook of Brand Semiotics furnishes a compass for the perplexed, a set of anchors for the inquisitive and a solid corpus for scholars, while highlighting the conceptual richness and methodological diversity of semiotic perspectives.
Written by a team of expert scholars in various semiotics and branding related fields, such as John A. Bateman, David Machin, Xavier Ruiz Collantes, Kay L. O'Halloran, Dario Mangano, George Rossolatos, Merce Oliva, Per Ledin, Gianfranco Marrone, Francesco Mangiapane, Jennie Mazur, Carlos Scolari, Ilaria Ventura, and edited by George Rossolatos, Chief Editor of the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics, the Handbook is intended as a point of reference for researchers who wish to enter the 'House of Brand Semiotics' and explore its marvels.
The Handbook of Brand Semiotics, actively geared towards an inter-disciplinary dialogue between perspectives from marketing and semiotics, features the state-of-the-art, but also offers directions for future research in key streams, such as:
- Analyzing and designing brand language across media
- Brand image, brand symbols, brand icons vs. iconicity
- The contribution of semiotics to transmedia storytelling
- Narrativity and rhetorical approaches to branding
- Semiotic roadmap for designing brand identity
- Semiotic roadmap for designing logos and packaging
- Comparative readings of structuralist, Peircean and sociosemiotic approaches to brandcomms
- Sociosemiotic accounts of building brand identity online
- Multimodality and Multimodal critical discourse analysis
- Challenging the omnipotence of cognitivism in brand- related research
- Semiotics and (inter)cultural branding
- Brand equity semiotics


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