Migrating to MariaDB

Toward an Open Source Database Solution
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William Wood Migrating to MariaDB
William Wood - Migrating to MariaDB

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Mitigate the risks involved in migrating away from a proprietary database platform toward MariaDB's open source database engine. This book will help you assess the risks and the work involved, and ensure a successful migration.
Migrating to MariaDB describes the process and lessons learned during a migration from a proprietary database management engine to the MariaDB open source solution. The book discusses the drivers for making the decision and change, walking you through all aspects of the process from evaluating the licensing, navigating the pitfalls and hurdles of a migration, through to final implementation on the new platform. The book highlights the cost-effectiveness of MariaDB and how the licensing worries are simplified in comparison to running on a proprietary platform.
You'll learn to do your own risk assessment, to identify database and application code that may need to be modified or re-implemented, and to identify MariaDB features to provide the security and failover protection needed by corporate customers. Let the author's experience in migrating a financial firm to MariaDB inform your own efforts, helping you to develop a road map for both technical and political success within your own organization as you migrate away from proprietary lock-in toward MariaDB's open source solution.

What You'll Learn

Evaluate and compare licensing costs between proprietary databases and MariaDB

Perform a proper risk assessment to inform your planning and execution of the migration

Build a migration road map from the book's example that is specific to your situation

Make needed application changes and migrate data to the MariaDB open source database engine
Who This Book Is For

Technical professionals (including database administrators, programmers, and technical management) who are interested in migrating away from a proprietary database platform toward MariaDB's open source database engine and need to assess the risks and the work involved


Auteur William Wood



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€ 34,79
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