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Use this book as an on-ramp to the development of enterprise-grade chatbots and digital assistants. It is based on real-life experience and explains everything you need to know to start building your own digital assistant (DA) using Oracle technologies. You will become familiar with the concepts involved in DA development from both a user experience and technical point of view. You will learn to create DAs using Oracle technologies, including the Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud.
In the first part of the book, you will learn the basic principles of the digital assistant (AKA Chatbot) technology. You will be guided through the steps involved in designing a DA, including how to make sure that the user receives a satisfying experience when using the assistant. In the second part of the book, you will learn how to implement the digital assistant that was designed in the first part. You will begin with a basic implementation, later enhancing that implementation with agents, multi-language support, and webviews. The final part of the book adds a deep dive into custom component development with an example around sentiment analysis and speech.

What You Will Learn

Design digital assistants to meet business requirements

Implement a great user experience for your digital assistants

Translate digital assistant design into real implementations

Build multi-language support into your assistants

Enhance digital assistants with webviews

Create custom components to extend feature sets

Who This Book Is For
Designers and developers who want to implement digital assistants using Oracle technologies and the cloud platform. This book is ideal for readers new to creating digital assistants, and covers aspects of design, including user experience design, before moving into the technical implementation. Readers experienced in creating digital assistants on other platforms will find the book useful for making the transition to Oracle technologies and the Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud.


Auteur Luc Bors

Auteur Mascha van Oosterhout

Auteur Ardhendu Samajdwer



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Oracle Digital Assistant

A Guide to Enterprise-Grade Chatbots

Luc Bors

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