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What happens at the Lord's Supper? Twentieth-century theologies emphasize the human actions at the Eucharist and sometimes neglect what Christ does there. According to Murken, if our sacramental doing is recognized for what it is - an action of receiving - then it can be emphasized as an action with consequences - both in history and beyond. "Active receiving" conforms to key New Testament passages and to Luther's teachings on justification and Holy Communion. Bonhoeffer's analysis of confessing the faith illumines the nature of active receiving. Murken intersects his proposal with twelve others, in hopes of ecumenical agreement.


"Some sacramental traditions see recipients at the Holy Communion not as doing, but as being done to and done for while other traditions fault that accent as too passive, which it may be. Murken rediscovers an ecumenical third way, with canny support from the New Testament and Luther and Bonhoeffer. He reminds us that action is defined not only by how self-involving it is, but also how consequential it is and the difference it makes. Murken represents sacramental reception as itself a momentous, fateful, history-making action. Here is a winsome, church-uniting prospect." (Robert W. Bertram, Seminex Professor (Emeritus) of Historical and Systematic Theology, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago)
"An argument as fresh as it is thorough for a long ignored but crucial aspect of the theology of the Lord's Supper. In a very convincing way, this book shows how engaging a particular tradition - as present in Luther and Bonhoeffer - in conversation with the key voices of contemporary eucharistic theology results in surprising ecumenical implications. This is an important contribution to Luther and Bonhoeffer studies, but more importantly a significant step toward an ecumenical theology of the Lord's Supper." (Reinhard Huetter, Professor of Theological Studies, Duke University Divinity School)


Auteur Julie Murken



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Take and Eat, and Take the Consequences

How Receiving the Lord's Supper is an Action that Makes a Difference

Julie Murken

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