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In The Subjective Dimension of Human Work: The Conversion of the Acting Person According to Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II and Bernard Lonergan , Deborah Savage explores the proper framework for understanding the human person in the act of self-transcendence and for apprehending the role that human work may play in living a Christian life. Through a comparative analysis of the anthropological theories of Wojtyla and Lonergan, Savage seeks to establish the philosophical and theological foundations of how one becomes "more of a human being" through the work that he or she does and how to grasp the process of conversion that is made possible through work. This book is suitable for graduate level courses in the neo-Thomist tradition, especially those analyzing the relevance of that tradition to modern-day problems.


"Deborah Savage's book is packed with insight into work and its importance in our lives, showing how work can become a source of spiritual growth and transformation. With her life experiences in the corporate world and her expertise in both theology and philosophy, Savage has produced the definitive scholarly treatment of the role of work in the social teaching of the Catholic Church, especially as refracted through two of its most important theologians - Bernard Lonergan and John Paul II. Her lucid style makes this book accessible to a wide audience, while its careful argumentation and comprehensiveness makes it essential reading for scholars of the theology of work." (Laura L. Garcia, Philosophy Department, Boston College)
"This is a well-written and detailed comparison of the philosophies and social ethics of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II and Bernard Lonergan. Using the anthropology of work as her heuristic and linking notion, Deborah Savage conclusively demonstrates the compatibility of these two giants of twentieth century thought. I recommend this volume to anyone interested either in understanding their respective projects or in considering the deepest meaning of human work." (Father Richard Liddy, Center for Catholic Studies, Seton Hall University)
"This is an elegant and even gripping book. It brings together with grace and erudition several disciplines: religious studies, the liberal arts, and business administration. This book will have consequences in the business world as well as in scholarly circles." (David Kieft, professor Emeritus, Department of Modern European History, University of Minnesota)


Auteur Deborah Savage



GTIN 9781433100949

Verschijningsdatum 04.01.2008

Taal Engels

Pagina-aantallen 290

Product type Boek

Maat 230 x 160 x 160  mm

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The Subjective Dimension of Human Work

The Conversion of the Acting Person According to Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II and Bernard Lonergan

Deborah Savage

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