ISBN Sense and Sensibility 336 pagina's Engels

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ISBN ISBN Sense and Sensibility 336 pagina's Engels
ISBN - ISBN Sense and Sensibility 336 pagina's Engels

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Pray pray be composed cried Elinor and do not betray what you feel to every body present. Perhaps he has not observed you yet. For Elinor Dashwood sensible and sensitive and her romantic impetuous younger sister Marianne the prospect of marrying the men they love appears remote. In a world ruled by money and self-interest the Dashwood sisters have neither fortune nor connections. Concerned for others and for social proprieties Elinor is ill-equipped to compete with self-centred fortune-hunters like Lucy Steele whilst Marianne's unswerving belief in the truth of her own feelings makes her more dangerously susceptible to the designs of unscrupulous men. Through her heroines' parallel experiences of love loss and hope Jane Austen offers a powerful analysis of the ways in which women's lives were shaped by the claustrophobic society in which they had to survive.

- One of Austen's five major novels in a new updated edition.
- Published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Austen's death in 2017.
- Includes a new introduction from John Mullan celebrating Austen's experimental use of dialogue and style and her use of comedy.
- Updated notes chronology and bibliography.
- Mullan's reading seeks to remind us what an exciting and unusual novel Sense and Sensibility was - and is.


In Jane Austen's first published novel, her portrait of two heroines' parallel experiences of love, loss, and hope offers a powerful analysis of how women were shaped by the claustrophobic society they had to survive. This new edition includes a new introduction, and revised notes and bibliography.


Auteur Jane Austen

Uitgever John Mullan

Kenmerken van product

Karakteristieken ISBN Sense and Sensibility. Geschreven door: Jane Austen, John Mullan, Aantal pagina's: 336 pagina's, Taalversie: Engels



GTIN 09780198807452

Verschijningsdatum 21.06.2018

Pagina-aantallen 336

Product type Boek

Maat 222 x 142 x 30  mm

Gewicht van product 460 g

Artikelnummer 9780198807452

€ 16,49
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