A Study on the Usage of Internet by Working Women of Vadodara City for Performing Their Household Responsibilities

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Naina Khuraniya A Study on the Usage of Internet by Working Women of Vadodara City for Performing Their Household Responsibilities
Naina Khuraniya - A Study on the Usage of Internet by Working Women of Vadodara City for Performing Their Household Responsibilities

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The internet is a system of enormous technical and social complexity. It comprises a gigantic but almost invisible universe that includes thousands of networks, millions of computers, and billions of users around the world. The internet has widened its reach among people by taking them away from just using it for emails and chat rooms to giving them more alternative media tools to use from. It has given power to the masses to speak about their rights, share their views on particular topics or events, and showcase their abilities to the world. It also provides an opportunity to learn an endless amount of different things, viz. different languages, cuisines, arts, crafts, and much more. The internet can be whatever we make of it. We can shape and form it. But most importantly, we can use it to connect people, communities, and countries around the world.
In 2014, India was the third-largest online market with more than 198 million internet users, ranked only behind China and the United States and declaring itself as a market not to be ignored on the global stage. Furthermore, men dominated internet usage with 61 percent, while only 39 percent of women used it. The average daily online usage in India amounted 5.1 hours. There are 345 million users in India, counted in January 2016.
With the growing needs of humans, it has become a challenge for women to fulfill all their responsibilities and to perform all their roles at the same time. Therefore, their dependency on family members, helpers/maids, friends, neighbors, and the media has increased. Media here includes print (i.e. newspaper, magazine, tabloids), electronic (i.e. television, radio), and new media (i.e. internet and mobile technology). This study evaluates how the internet can help working women to perform their household responsibilities.


Text Sample:
Maniar and Chauhan (2016) Vadodara conducted a study on "Usage of internet by women of Vadodara city". The main objective of the study was to find out the reasons for internet usage by women at home and at workplace and how frequently internet was used to avail information regarding their role performance at home and workplace. Population of the study comprised of women of Vadodara city who were married mothers and were using internet regularly. Purposive and snow ball sampling techniques were used to select the sample for the pilot study. One hundred women were selected as the sample of the study. Survey method was used to collect the data.
The findings regarding the usage of internet for performing responsibilities at workplace revealed that:
- Use of internet was very often for responsibilities at workplace like Computer aided tasks, Maintaining Records, Preparing Notes and Reports.
- Further it revealed that Internet was used sometimes for - Training of Subordinates, Teaching, Organizing Recreational and Motivational Activities, Allotting Duties to Subordinates, Maintaining Public Relations, Supervision and Evaluation, whereas it was rarely used for Organizing Staff Meetings.
Thus, it can be concluded that women of Vadodara city used internet as a source for many roles and responsibility at home front and as well as the workplace. It was also revealed that women are aware of the use of internet.
Kumar and Singh (2014)India conducted a study on "Women online shopping: A critical review of literature". The main objective of study is to focus on trend of women online shopping in India. The paper is based on secondary research study. Theliteratures used are the research papers, research reports, books, websites etc.
The findings of the study revealed that:
- The growth in adaptation in online shopping has been observed in the age group of 15- 35 years. The increased number of working lady in this group is one among the several reasons.
- The two most commonly cited reasons for shopping online have been price and convenience.
- In this paper, researcher has found that shoppers, particularly women, are motivated by a variety of different reasons, including socializing and enjoyment.
- Despite the growth of e-retailing, the social needs, particularly of young adult females, are mainly not being met in e-shopping, which tends thus to be dominated by male shoppers.
- Researcher also suggested that young female adults can be segmented into two distinct shopping orientations: utilitarian (minority) and hedonic (majority) shopping orientations.
The implication for online retailers is that they should focus on making the experience of online shopping more accommodating and more user-friendly. This is important because the positive features of online shopping ('convenience', 'usefulness', 'ease of use', and 'efficiency') appear to be more important than the negative features ('lack of security', 'privacy of information' and 'online fraud').
Jain, (2014) Bangalore conducted a study on "A study on online spending dynamics of Working Women professionals in Bangalore City". The main objective of the study was to identify the online shopping trend among working women professionals in the city of Bangalore and to study the satisfaction level of online working women shoppers. The sample of the study was 250 working women professionals in the city of Bangalore. A Structured questionnaire was used for the data collection. Standard Deviation, Mean and 't'- test was used in the statistical analysis of the data.
The findings of the study revealed that:
- Majority of the respondents found online shopping convenient and flexible in terms of time and place.
- The 70% of users perceived online shopping services as 'not complex' and felt that they could easily acquire information on products and services through online shopping.66% of the users were sa


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