Anti-Americanism and American Exceptionalism

Prejudice and Pride about the USA
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 Anti-Americanism and American Exceptionalism
 - Anti-Americanism and American Exceptionalism

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Beyond Anti-Americanism presents a case for seeing anti-Americanism as principally a counterproductive prejudice. Brendon O'Connor argues that while there are many reasons to be frustrated with American policies, politics and even American society, a crucial distinction should be drawn between criticism and prejudice.


"One of the most insightful and prolific scholars of anti-Americanism on the planet, Brendon O'Connor has produced an essential book for the age of Trump. With sharp analysis of politics, culture, and foreign policy, O'Connor cuts through two centuries of mythmaking surrounding anti-Americanism to help us distinguish between ideological prejudice and salutary critique." - Max Paul Friedman, American University, Washington, DC "Americans have long benefitted from the critical gaze of their foreign friends. This book-the best yet written on anti-Americanism-follows in that tradition. Brendon O'Connor is among the world's great scholars of America and its overseas perceptions. At this painful and frightening moment in American history, we need his wisdom more than ever." - Peter Beinart, City University of New York "Donald Trump was elected on a promise of American greatness, but his presidency - and the American people -- has fallen into disrepute overseas. In his new book, Brendon O'Connor argues that American exceptionalism and anti-Americanism are rooted in prejudice. His book is an invaluable exploration into how this antinomy originated, and why it misleads us about America's role in the world." - John B. Judis, author of The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immigration, and the Revolt against Globalization "How will the Trump presidency affect international understandings of America, and Americans' understandings of themselves? Almost certainly it will further fuel the growth of the seemingly polar opposites - anti-Americanism and American exceptionalism. This richly researched book traces through the growth of both sentiments, and criticises their common essentialism. Throughout, it is guided by a strong sense of history, an unfailing sense of proportion and an appreciation of contrasting outlooks and virtues." - Rodney Tiffen, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney



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