A Crown of Talons

door Corr, Katharine
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Corr, Katharine A Crown of Talons
Corr, Katharine - A Crown of Talons

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Fight or flight . . . or both?
Three months after Aderyn's coronation the court is celebrating the Solstice, but Aderyn is preoccupied by Lucien's continuing hostility. The celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of nobles who have escaped from the neighbouring country of Celonia - the flightless have risen up and overthrown their rulers. The world is changing.
As people being to question whether Aderyn and Aron are strong enough to rule, there is an attempted assassination on Aderyn's life. Siegfried and Tallis have made their move - they have formed an army, declared war and will take the throne, by any means necessary.
Aderyn must fly to unchartered territories and risk the lives of everyone she loves to defeat her enemies, secure her throne and unite her people.
Epic, dangerous and impossible to put down, this finale takes you on a soaring journey through grief, strength and determination to fight for what is right, what you love and what is yours.


Corr, Katharine
Corr, Elizabeth


Katharine and Elizabeth Corr are sisters originally from Essex, now living in Surrey. When they both decided to write novels - on account of fictional people being much easier to deal with than real ones - it was obvious they should do it together. They can sometimes be found in one of their local coffee shops, arguing over which character to kill off next. Katharine and Elizabeth are authors of the spellbinding trilogy The Witch's Kiss & the first book in their new duology A Throne of Swans.
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From the authors of A THRONE OF SWANS comes the second in a fierce and soaring fantasy duology.
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