Multi-shell Polyhedral Clusters

door Mircea Vasile Diudea
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Mircea Vasile Diudea Multi-shell Polyhedral Clusters
Mircea Vasile Diudea - Multi-shell Polyhedral Clusters

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This volume presents new methodologies and rationalizes existing methods that are used in the design of multi-shell polyhedral clusters. The author describes how the methods used are extended from 2D-operations on maps to 3D (and higher dimensional) Euclidean space. A variety of structures is designed and described in detail and classified giving rise to an atlas of multi-shell nanostructures. The book therefore sheds a new light on the field of crystal and quasicrystal structures, an important part of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The author goes on to show how the recently established methods are used for building complex multi-shell nanostructures and how this completes the existing information in the field. The atlas of such structures is completed with atomic coordinates (included as supplementary material). The content of this book gives a useful insight into structure elucidation and suggests new material synthesis.


Mircea Vasile Diudea


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XV, 442 p. 351 illus., 305 illus. in color.
Introduction.- Map operations: definitions and examples.- Multi-tori: Structures.- Dodecahedral motif.- Icosahedral motif.- Octahedron and truncated octahedron coverings.- Tetrahedron and truncated tetrahedron coverings.- Rhomb decorated clusters.- 4-D structures modification.- C60 aggregation.- Hypergraphenes.
Focuses on theoretical methodologies for the design of multi-shell nanostructures

Includes a recent literature study

Heavily annotated with structures to facilitate learning and innovation

Springer International Publishing
Prof. Dr. Mircea Vasile Diudea is a  Professor of Mathematical Chemistry and Nanoscience at Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Cluj, Romania. 
Prof. Diudea has edited/authored 11 books:  

1. A. R. Ashrafi and M. V. Diudea (Eds), Distance, Symmetry, and Topology in Carbon Nanomaterials, Springer Intl. Pub. Switzerland 2016.

2. M. V. Diudea and C. L. Nagy (Eds), Carbon Materials: Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 6, Diamond and Related Nanostructures. Springer, Dordrecht, 2013.
3. M. V. Diudea (Ed), Nanostructures, Novel Architecture, Nova, New York, 2005.

4. M. V. Diudea, (Ed), QSPR/QSAR Studies by Molecular Descriptors, Nova, New York, 2001.

5. M. V. Diudea, Nanomolecules and Nanostructures - Polynomials and Indices, MCM, No. 10, Univ. Kragujevac, Serbia, 2010.

6. M. V. Diudea and Cs. L. Nagy, Periodic Nanostructures, Springer, 2007.

7. M. V. Diudea, M. S. Florescu, and P. V. Khadikar, Molecular Topology and Its Applications, Eficon, Bucharest, 2006.

8. M.V. Diudea, I. Gutman and L. Jäntschi, Molecular Topology
, Nova, New York, 2002.

9. M.V. Diudea and O. Ivanciuc, Molecular Topology, COMPREX, Cluj, 1995 (in Romanian).

10.   M. V. Diudea ; M. Pitea; M. Butan, Fenothiazines and structurally related drugs.
DACIA, Cluj, 1992

(in Romanian)., 278p.

11.   M. V. Diudea, S. Todor and A. Igna, Aquatic Toxicology. DACIA, Cluj, 1986 (in Romanian).

Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018
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