Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences

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Springer International Publishing Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences
Springer International Publishing - Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences

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This open access edited book provides new thinking on scientific identity formation. It thoroughly interrogates the concepts of community and identity, including both historical and contemporaneous analyses of several scientific fields. Chapters examine whether, and how, today’s scientific identities and communities are subject to fundamental changes, reacting to tangible shifts in research funding as well as more intangible transformations in our society’s understanding and expectations of technoscience. In so doing, this book reinvigorates the concept of scientific community.

Readers will discover empirical analyses of newly emerging fields such as synthetic biology, systems biology and nanotechnology, and accounts of the evolution of theoretical conceptions of scientific identity and community. With inspiring examples of technoscientific identity work and community constellations, along with thought-provoking hypotheses and discussion, the work has a broad appeal. Those involved in science governance will benefit particularly from this book, and it has much to offer those in scholarly fields including sociology of science, science studies, philosophy of science and history of science, as well as teachers of science and scientists themselves.


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XIII, 315 p. 14 illus., 10 illus. in color.
Chapter 1. Introduction: Re-considering Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences (Susan Molyneux-Hodgson & Karen Kastenhofer).- Part 1. The Emergence of What? The Case of Synthetic Biology.- Chapter 2. What Synthetic Biology Aims At: Review Articles as Sites for Constructing and Narrating a Field (Clemens Blümel).- Chapter 3. Rethinking Concepts of Community in the Technosciences: The Case of Synthetic Biology (Alexander Degelsegger-Márquez).- Chapter 4. Taking the Field of Emergence: Emergence of Technoscientific Fields and the New Political Sociology of Science (Benjamin Raimbault & Pierre-Benoit Joly).- Chapter 5. Diversity Within. Biographical Talk and (Inter)disciplinary Identities in a Contemporary British University (Cuevas-Garcia, Carlos A.).- Part 2. The Impact of a New Innovation Regime on Scientific Community.- Chapter 6. Shaping of Technosciences by Funding Regimes from the Scientists’ Perspective: The Case of Systems Medicine (Imme Petersen & Regine Kollek).- Chapter 7. A Tale of Two Scientific Communities: Self-Organisation and Steering in European Research (Inga Ulnicane-Ozolina).- Chapter 8. “Big Interdisciplinarity”: Unsettling Excellence (Bettina Bock von Wülfingen).- Chapter 9. The Project-ed Community: Day-to-Day Excellence Within an Interdisciplinary Project on Microbial Bioenergy (Beatrice Cointe).- Part 3. Performing Identity Under Technoscientific Conditions.- Chapter 10. Remaining Central and Interdisciplinary. Conditions for Success of a Research Speciality at the University (Marianne Noel).- Chapter 11. Being a ‘Good Researcher’ in Transdisciplinary Research - Identity Work Beyond Community? (Andrea Schikowitz).- Chapter 12. Mistaken Identities of Experts and Novices: How Undergraduate Students Contribute to Engineering Laboratory Communities (Caitlin Donahue Wylie).- Chapter 13. Performing Science in Public: Science Communication and Scientific Identity.- Chapter 14. Discussion: Community and Identity Under Technoscientific Conditions: Empirical Insights.
Kastenhofer, Karen;Kastenhofer
Molyneux-Hodgson, Susan;Molyneux-Hodgson
Reinvigorates the concept of scientific community

Delineates ongoing changes across a range of epistemic cultures

Elaborates on social, cultural and political aspects of contemporary technoscience

Traces historical influences on technoscience, including in the European context

Provides new thinking on scientific identity formation

Springer International Publishing
Karen Kastenhofer holds a PhD in biology and has been working in the field of social studies of science for two decades. She specializes in the reconstruction of epistemic cultures, the convergence of science and technology within the newly emerging technosciences and socio-political ramifications thereof. For the past ten years she has been tracing the emergence of systems biology as a potentially new epistemic culture and community in various national contexts. She is currently based at the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Technology Assessment and teaches at the University of Vienna.

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson FRSA is a Professor of Sociology at University of Exeter and currently the Associate Dean for Research. She has been working in the field of social studies of science for over twenty years and specialises in the sociological analysis of scientific knowledge production, science-society relations and interdisciplinary research. For the past ten years she has been tracing the emergence of synthetic biology as a potentially new field of scientific practice. She has begun to study the work of nuclear-oriented research communities, such as materials science and radioecology. Her research projects have been supported by multiple UK Research Councils, the EU and by industry.
1st ed. 2021
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