Introduction to Sol-Gel Processing

door Alain C. Pierre
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Alain C. Pierre Introduction to Sol-Gel Processing
Alain C. Pierre - Introduction to Sol-Gel Processing

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This book presents a broad, general introduction to the processing of Sol-Gel technologies.  This updated volume serves as a general handbook for researchers and students entering the field. This new edition provides updates in fields that have undergone rapid developments, such as Ceramics, Catalysis, Chromatropgraphy, biomaterials, glass science, and optics. It provides a simple, compact resource that can also be used in graduate-level materials science courses.


Alain C. Pierre


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XXV, 701 p. 419 illus., 371 illus. in color.

Chapter 1. General introduction.- Chapter 2. The Sol-Gel chemistry of oxides from metal salts.- Chapter 3. The Sol-Gel chemistry of oxides from alkoxides.- Chapter 4. The Sol-Gel chemistry of non-oxides.- Chapter 5. Nanoparticles formation.- Chapter 6. Peptization of colloidal soils.- Chapter 7. Gelation.- Chapter 8. Wet gels and their drying.- Chapter 9. Dry gels.- Chapter 10. Hybrid organic-inorganic and composite materials.- Chapter 11. Surfactant templated Sol-Gel materials.- Chapter 12. Phase transformation.- Chapter 13. Sintering Sol-Gel ceramics.- Chapter 14. Applications of Sol-Gel processing.

Presents a general, accessible resource for students and professionals seeking an introduction to sol-gel science and applications

Covers current and emerging processes in cutting-edge sol-gel applications such as Ceramics, Catalysis, Chromatography, biomaterials, glass, and optics

Combines timeless principles with modern technological advances and new applications that have emerged since publication of the prior edition

Springer International Publishing
Dr Alain C. Pierre is an expert in the field of Sol-Gel processing and has both written and contributed to influential books on the topic. He received his PhD from MIT and served as a professor at University of Alberta and the Université Claude Bernard-Lyon 1 before retiring in 2011.
2nd ed. 2020
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