Borders and Belonging: A Memoir

door Mira Sucharov
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Mira Sucharov Borders and Belonging: A Memoir
Mira Sucharov - Borders and Belonging: A Memoir

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In this gripping and honest memoir, Mira Sucharov shows what a search for political and emotional home looks like. Sucharov suffered from childhood phobias triggered by her parents’ divorce, and she sought emotional refuge in Jewish summer camp. But three years spent living in Israel in her twenties shook her to her core. Ultimately, encounters with colleagues, students, friends and lovers force her to confront what it means to be able to write, advocate and teach about Israel/Palestine in a way that balances affirmation with authenticity.


Mira Sucharov


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XIV, 183 p. 1 illus.

Chapter 1. Posters and Flags - 2011.- Chapter 2. Carpets - 1976.- Chapter 3. Falluja - 1992.- Chapter 4. Re/Intermarriage - 1980.- Chapter 5. Moles - 1993.- Chapter 6. Cabins - 1981.- Chapter 7. Peace, Love, and Conflict - 1993.- Chapter 8. Orange Kinley - 1983.- Chapter 9. Buses and Cars - 1994.- Chapter 10. Razors - 1986.- Chapter 11. Panic - 2013.- Chapter 12. Tents - 1987.- Chapter 13. My Wadi - 2016.- Chapter 14. Cancel Culture - 2020.- Chapter 15. Dreams - 2020.
'For all who want to understand the complex politics around Jewish support for Israel, Mira Sucharov’s book is required reading. As she reveals in her lively, moving, and passionate account, the personal is political, for Jews in North America as well as in Israel.’

—Deborah Dash Moore, Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor of History and Professor of Judaic Studies, University of Michigan, US

 ‘Mira Sucharov’s provocative essays on Israel/Palestine have made her a well-known public intellectual.  In this engaging memoir, she describes her personal journey as a Canadian Jew in confronting the dilemmas, challenges and tragedies of Jews and Palestinians.’ 

—David Biale, Emanuel Ringelblum Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis, US 

‘Mira Sucharov’s memoir is a beautiful glimpse into a Jewish woman’s coming of age in Canada, offering powerful insights into how identities and emotions are formed in relationship to Judaism and to Israel.’

—Danae Elon, documentary filmmaker; director of P.S. Jerusalem

'...a fascinating blend of a sometimes difficult personal history and a set of evolving views of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sucharov's self-doubt, ideological struggles and insights are all well worth exploring.'

 — Jon Allen, Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, and Former Canadian Ambassador to Israel

‘This smart, enjoyable read weaves an intricate web of personal memoir, coming-of-age tale and analysis of Israeli politics, with its evolving impact on Israelis, Palestinians and North American Jews.’

—J.J. Goldberg, editor at large, The Forward, and author of Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment

 ‘Mira Sucharov has written a brave book. Intimate and honest, she reveals her own fractures and fault lines through her evolving relationship with Israel and Palestine.’ 

 — Jonathan Garfinkel, author of Ambivalence: Crossing the Israel/Palestine Divide

Underlines the importance of the personal in the creation of a public intellectual writing about one of the most sensitive political topics out there

Showcases a new methodological approach in International Relations: narrative IR, while closely navigating the relationship between the personal and political

Builds on the author’s successful voice as a as a scholar and public commentator to find politically engaging ways of discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict

Springer International Publishing
Mira Sucharov is Professor of Political Science and University Chair of Teaching Innovation at Carleton University, Canada.


"Reading Mira Sucharov's deeply self- reflective Borders and Belonging makes me reach into the annals of my own memory, in part because so much of my story resembles hers. ... Many readers will want Sucharov to take a stand. They will want her to provide irrefutable evidence, as a scholar ought to do." (Karen E. H. Skinazi, Literary Review of Canada, Vol. 29 (4), May, 2021)

1st ed. 2021
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