The Secret Life of Farts

door Klingenberg, Malin
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Klingenberg, Malin The Secret Life of Farts
Klingenberg, Malin - The Secret Life of Farts

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A laugh-out-loud illustrated journey around the hidden world of the fart

Hilarious verses and outrageous illustrations combine to produce a book about the funniest thing in the world: farts!

From the racetrack to the concert hall, from humble bank-robbers to esteemed royals, farts are produced everywhere and by everyone. The Secret Life of Farts is your guide to the rich, colourful, flatulatory world that is all around us.


Klingenberg, Malin


The life of a fart is tragically short
So let s take a moment and spare them a thought
Farts can feel lonely once out of the bum
But amazing adventures are waiting for some
Like the fart that was born in the high mountain peaks
And slipped out between a rock climber s cheeks
For one happy moment it smelled like Swiss cheese
Then the stench disappeared in the fresh Alpine breeze
Did you hear of the fart that took part in a race?
And not only that it won second place!
The Olympics are great, but I think it s a shame
That farts don t get medals or glory or fame
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Penguin Random House US
Malin Klingenberg, born in 1979, lives in Jakobstad, Finland. She has written many books for children and won numerous awards.

Sanna Mander, born in 1980, grew up in Stockholm and lives in Helsinki. She is an illustrator and author whose Nyckelknipan won the 2017 Finlandia Prize for children's and youth literature.
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Mander, Sanna


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