Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat - Maximizing Performance and Safety

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Springer International Publishing Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat - Maximizing Performance and Safety
Springer International Publishing - Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat - Maximizing Performance and Safety

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This unique book is the first of its kind to specifically explore the science, medicine, challenges and successful experiences of assisting those who must perform and thrive in hot conditions, with an eye toward maximizing both performance and safety. Beginning with both human and comparative physiology as it relates to coping with the heat, key concepts are subsequently elaborated, including heat acclimatization, work-to-rest ratios, hydration, sleep, the effects of altitude, and the use of drugs and supplements. The sections that follow discuss heat-related considerations in individual and team sports and other populations, monitoring techniques, and medical and legal issues.

Athletes, warfighters and laborers are often forced to perform intense physical activity in the heat as a part of their jobs or lifestyle. The process of properly preparing for this challenge is multifaceted and often not fully understood or utilized. Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat is an excellent resource for team physicians, high-level coaches, serious athletes, athletic trainers, exercise scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, industrial hygienists, military commanders, or anyone involved in the process of maximizing performance and safety during exercise in the heat for the athlete, warfighter, or laborer.


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XXIV, 376 p. 46 illus., 24 illus. in color.
Part I: Physiological Considerations for Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat.- Comparative Physiology: How Other Animals Thrive in the Heat.- Physiology of Human Exercise in the Heat.- Part II: Key Concepts in Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat.- Heat Acclimatization.- Work-to-Rest Ratios.- Environmental Monitoring.- Hydration.- Body Cooling.- Sleep.- Altitude.- Drugs and Supplements.- Part III: Participants in Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat.- Team Sports.- Individual Sports.- Laborers.- The Military.- Part IV: Monitoring of Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat.- Biomarkers.
Casa, Douglas J.;Casa
A unique book describing all aspects and management of heat-related conditions for the athlete and active individual

Discusses physiology, key concepts, participant populations, monitoring, and medical and legal issues

An excellent resource for the sports medicine specialist and primary care physician

Springer International Publishing
Douglas J. Casa, PhD, ATC, FNAK, FACSM, FNATA

Chief Executive Officer, Korey Stringer Institute

Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Director, Athletic Training Education

Research Associate, Human Performance Laboratory

College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources

University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT, USA


"This detailed book outlines the unique aspects of engaging in sports and physical activity in the heat. ... This may be useful for providers treating athletes who normally compete in the heat. However, it is, perhaps, too detailed for typical providers, but would be an excellent resource for experts in this area." (Jordan W Edwards, Doody's Book Reviews, April 19, 2019)

Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018
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