Aortic Regurgitation

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Springer International Publishing Aortic Regurgitation
Springer International Publishing - Aortic Regurgitation

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This title is a comprehensive resource of aortic regurgitation suitable for both the novice and experienced practitioner. Detailed attention is given to the recently growing field of aortic valve-sparing surgery and aortic valve repair. Guidelines are also provided for general practitioners on how to treat patients after various aortic procedures. Also included are many operative photos, original medical illustrations and schematics. 

Aortic Regurgitation synthesizes current knowledge of aortic valve repair into an easy-to-follow, illustration-rich text. It is therefore an indispensable guide suitable for use by cardiologists and trainees in cardiology, cardiac surgeons, echocardiographers, general practitioners and radiologists.    


Opmerking illustraties:
X, 305 p. 297 illus., 288 illus. in color.

Terminology and list of abbreviations    

Intermezzo I: Leonardo

P. Žáček

Chapter 1 Clinical and surgical anatomy of the aortic root           

H. Muresian

Chapter 2 Living anatomy of the aortic root

R. H. Anderson, D. E. Spicer, S. Mori

Intermezzo II: Eponyms related to aortic regurgitation  

P. Žáček

Chapter 3 Functional anatomy of the aortic valve and dynamics of the  aortic root

E. Lansac, I. Di Centa      

3.1  Experimental data on dynamic anatomy of the aortic root

3.2 Echocardiographic anatomy of the normal aortic root

3.3 Dynamic approach to aortic valve reconstruction

Chapter 4 Congenital anomalies of the aortic valve

J. Vojáček, P.

Žáček, J. Dominik, T. Holubec

4.1 Bicuspid aortic valve                

4.1.1 Morphology          

4.1.2 Natural history       

4.1.3 Stenosis of BAV     

4.1.4 Regurgitation of BAV        

4.1.5 Endocarditis of BAV           

4.1.6 Dilation of the ascending aorta 

4.1.7 Treatment

4.2  Unicuspid aortic valve         

4.2.1  Morphology         

4.2.2  Natural history    

4.2.3  Treatment            

4.3  Quadricuspid aortic valve   

4.3.1  Natural history    

4.3.2 Treatment               

Intermezzo III: Dominic John Corrigan (1802–1880)          

P. Žáček

Chapter 5 Aortic regurgitation: from diagnosis towards indication          

M. Brtko

5.1 Incidence, prevalence and etiology of aortic regurgitation

5.2 Pathophysiology of aortic regurgitation and natural history 

5.3 Clinical manifestation           

5.4 Diagnostics                

5.5 Quantification of aortic regurgitation             

5.6 Indication for operation      

5.7 Medical treatment and follow-up of asymptomatic patients              

5.8 Acute aortic regurgitation     

Chapter 6 Connective tissue disorders

M.-C. Morgant, I. El-Hamamsy

6.1  Vascular wall connective tissue       

6.1.1 Fibrillin    

6.1.2 Collagen

6.1.3 Elastin      

6.2 Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC)           

6.3 Thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAA)     

6.3.1 Syndromic diseases           

6.3.2 Non-syndromic thoracic aortic aneurysms               

Chapter 7 Echocardiography of the

aortic valve                

M. Tuna

7.1 Assessment of the valve morphology

7.2 Cusp analysis, bicuspid and unicuspid aortic valve

7.3 Degenerative, postrheumatic and postinfective aortic valve lesions               

7.4 3D echocardiography of the aortic valve

7.5 Dilation of the aortic root and the ascending aorta

7.6 Doppler examination of the aortic valve

7.7 Preoperative and postoperative echocardiographic assessment of the aortic valve

Intermezzo IV: Alfred de Musset (1810–1857)   

P. Žáček

Chapter 8   Computed tomography and magnetic resonance of the aortic valve and ascending aorta

M. Solař, Z. Bělobrádek

8.1 Technical aspects of CT and MR imaging

8.1.1 History of cardiac CT imaging

8.1.2 Cardiac CT parameters in comparison with other imaging modalities           

8.1.3 Iodine contrast agents     

8.1.4 CT imaging artifacts            

8.1.5 Current possibilities of cardiac CT

8.1.6 Magnetic resonance imaging

8.1.7 Technical possibilities of MR in aortic root imaging

8.2 Role of CT and MR in specific diagnostics of aortic regurgitation and aortic disease   

8.2.1 Quantification of aortic regurgitation

8.2.2 Assessment of aortic valve and root morphology

8.2.3 Assessment of left ventricular morphology and function...208

Chapter 9 Therapy        

9.1 Aortic valve replacement    

J. Dominik, P. Žáček, J. Vojáček

9.1.1 Historical development and types of aorti

c valve replacement devices

9.1.2 Persistent problems after aortic valve replacement

9.2 Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

M. Brtko

9.3 Valve allograft in aortic valve surgery

J. Špatenka, J. Burkert

9.3.1 Definition               

9.3.2 History

9.3.3 Processing of allogeneic valve grafts

9.3.4 Surgical technique              

9.3.5 Indication for use of valve allografts

9.3.6 Results    

9.4 Ross procedure       

I. El-Hamamsy

9.4.1 Historical overview

9.4.2 Concept

9.4.3 Results    

9.4.4 Surgical principles and factors influencing technical success             

9.5 Bentall procedure  

J. Dominik, P. Žáček, J. Vojáček

9.5.1 Historical overview of Bentall procedure modifications

9.5.2 Results    

9.5.3 Bentall procedure or a valve sparing procedure?

9.6 Development of conservative surgical  treatment of aortic regurgitation

P. Žáček, J. Vojáček, J. Dominik

9.7 Valve preserving surgery in aortic regurgitation

J. Vojáček, P. Žáček, J. Dominik

9.7.1 Surgical correction of sinotubular junction dilation

9.7.2 Surgical correction of annular dilation

9.7.3 Surgical interventions on the aortic leaflets

9.7.4 Procedures on the aortic root and ascending aorta

9.7.5 Perioperative assessment of aortic valve function

9.7.6 Results of aortic valve sparing procedures

9.7.7 ’Conservative’ surgical procedures

Intermezzo V: Lincoln sign          

P. Žáček

Chapter 10 Longterm results of aortic valve replacement and repair

B. Arabkhani, J. J. M. Takkenberg

10.1 Indication for operation for aortic regurgitation

10.2 Surgical treatment options              

10.2.1 Mechanical valve prostheses

10.2.2 Biological valve prostheses

10.2.3 Aortic valve repair and valve sparing procedures on the aortic root           

10.3 Results after aortic valve replacement and aortic valve repair

10.3.1  Results after mechanical aortic valve replacement and Bentall procedure

10.3.2  Results after aortic valve replacement with a stented bioprosthesis        

10.3.3  Results after aortic valve replacement with a stentless bioprosthesis      

10.3.4  Results after aortic v

alve and root replacement with an allograft               

10.3.5  Results of the Ross procedure

10.3.6  Results of aortic valve-sparing root procedures

10.3.7 Results of aortic valve repair

10.4 Quality of life after aortic valve surgery

10.5 Choice of optimal strategy for an individual patient with aortic regurgitation

Intermezzo VI:

Taliesin Golesworthy, the inventor of treatment of his own disease

P. Žáček

Chapter 11 Recommendations for out-patient care after aortic valve surgery

M. Brtko

11.1 Out-patient follow-up       

11.2 Antithrombotic treatment after aortic valve surgery

11.3 Infective endocarditis prophylaxis



Vojacek, Jan;Vojacek
Zacek, Pavel;Zacek
Dominik, Jan;Dominik
Describes various relevant aspects of aortic regurgitation from morphology and diagnostics to surgical treatments

Contains exceptional medical illustration, operative photos, diagnostic images and schemes

Provides historical background and cultural connotations

Springer International Publishing
Professor Jan Vojacek operates as the Vice-chief of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Hradec Kralove, Medical Faculty Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague. He is also a consultant in vascular and cardiac surgery, and is an active member of many societies, including The European Society for Vascular Surgery, the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, and acts as an Honorary member of Peruvian Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. He is the author or co-author of over 65 scientific papers, author of chapters in two foreign language textbooks, and author of many international lectures. He specialises in reconstructive valve surgery.
Professor Pavel Zacek works as a consultant cardiac surgeon for adult cardiac surgery. He also teaches medical students at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove. He is the author and co-author of 107 papers and a main author of a multimedia electronic textbook Interactive Cardiac Surgery, Springer Heidelberg 2005, and co-author of Heart Valve Surgery - An Illustrated Guide, Springer Heidelberg 2010.

Professor Jan Dominik specialises in heart valve surgery. He is the author of the textbook Kardiochirurgie (Karolinum, Prague, 1997) and the monograph Kardiochirurgie (Grada Publishing, Prague, 1998), and a co-author of Interactive Cardiac Surgery (Springer, 2005), author of Chirurgie srdečních chlopní (Grada, 2008) and Heart Valve Surgery (An Illustrated Guide), Springer Heidelberg 2010. He is the Honorary Member of the Czech Society of Cardiology and a fellow of several international scientific societies.Between 1991 and 2005 he was the Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Charles University Hospital, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, and  between 1997 and 2003 he was also the vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové.

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Aortální nedomykavost
1st ed. 2018
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