Shoulder Arthroscopy - How to Succeed!

door Olivier Courage
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Olivier Courage Shoulder Arthroscopy - How to Succeed!
Olivier Courage - Shoulder Arthroscopy - How to Succeed!

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This book has been designed to lead you through the first steps of the shoulder arthroscopy. Offering a companion guide, its numerous illustrations and videos support the text and aid in comprehension.

The most common mistake in shoulder arthroscopy is to focus on the screen, whereas an external perspective is needed, though not always easy to achieve in practice. We recommend following the chronological order for the first techniques, which are then detailed one by one and can be read separately depending on the problem encountered.

These techniques, all of which were developed by the author in the course of 20 years of arthroscopic surgeries, are characterized by their simplicity. After having mastered these techniques, the reader will have the basis needed to evolve on his or her own.


Olivier Courage


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XIII, 107 p. 360 illus., 334 illus. in color.
Prefaces.- Introduction.- Chapter 1 Being in the right conditions.- 1.1 Avoiding steam.- 1.2 Properly entering the shoulder.- 1.3 Avoiding blood.- Chapter 2 Being properly installed.- 2.1 Installing the patient.- 2.2 The surgeon's ergonomy.- Chapter 3 Basic essentials.- 3.1 Stable image.- 3.2 Straight image.- 3.3 Finding your instruments.- Chapter 4 Exploring the shoulder.- 4.1 The glenohumeral.- 4.2 The subacromial space.- Chapter 5 Tips for the key surgeries.- 5.1 Before the surgical arthroscopy.- 5.2 The rotator cuff.- 5.3 The subscapularis.- 5.4 The biceps.- 5.5 Instability and the arthroscopic Bankart.- Chapter 6 Less frequent surgeries.- 6.1 The acromioclavicular.- 6.2 The subscapularis nerve.- Chapter 7 How to evolve your techniques.- 7.1 Analyze your mistakes, travel and create.- Conclusion.
An extensive companion guide featuring numerous tips and tricks, illustrations and advice

A simple and straight-to-the-point writing style

Accurate description of common procedures with original techniques

Springer International Publishing
The author graduated at the French University Hospital la Pitié Salpêtrière". He has been a resident in Normandy, and worked for 20 years in HPE Private Hospital at Le Havre France. He is involved in Scientific activities and is a Member of SOFCOT, SFA, SOO, SOFEC, ESSKA, ISAKOS, AAOS, AANA. He is the President of The French Arthroscopy Society, and a SOFCOT Board member. He has been teaching Arthroscopy for more than 20 years.
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015
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