Are you sure you are born again?

door Yeenu, Joseph
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Yeenu, Joseph Are you sure you are born again?
Yeenu, Joseph - Are you sure you are born again?

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Currently when you enter into any church as a man or woman of God and you ask who are those who are born again in the church you will be surprise everybody will raise his/her hands irrespective of the kind of life style they are living and as such they believe they are born again because they believe in the name of Jesus Christ and have being baptized forgotten what Jesus Christ said if you love me you should keep my commandments and as such anybody who claims to love Jesus Christ and does not keep his commandment is a liar and as such this book are you sure you are born again? Will enlighten believers to know those who are truly born again to clarify the erroneous teachings and believes of some believers and even some men of God who are teaching false doctrine so that the reader of this book will not end up in hell fire after the end of his earthly journey or not left behind when Jesus Christ comes for the second time and as such this book is an evangelistic tool for new converts and Christians who believes they are matured in the faith to know their stand whether they are truly born again to be raptured shalom.


Yeenu, Joseph


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Blessed Hope Publishing
Yeenu, Joseph
Evangelist Joseph Yeenu is the author of "Understanding the bible" and has served under different men of God for kingdom expansion. He is an end time harvester and currently he is doing ministry on his own and wherever he is led to go and minister by the direction of the holy spirit with winning souls at heart through the undiluted word of God.
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