Rehabilitation, Crime and Justice

door P. Raynor
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P. Raynor Rehabilitation, Crime and Justice
P. Raynor - Rehabilitation, Crime and Justice

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Can offenders be rehabilitated? Can this be done in ways that benefit the community as a whole, as well as offenders? This book is about the history, theory, practice and effectiveness of rehabilitation. It shows how different beliefs about the value of rehabilitation and about 'what works' have influenced criminal justice policy and practice at different times, and it identifies a number of promising approaches for the future. Everyone interested in the rehabilitation of offenders should read this book.


P. Raynor
G. Robinson


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Palgrave Macmillan UK
Author Peter Raynor: Peter Raynor is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Swansea University in Wales, UK. A former probation officer and social work educator, he has been carrying out and publishing research on effective practice in probation services since the 1970s. His previous books include Social Work, Justice and Control (1985); Probation as an Alternative to Custody (1988); Effective Probation Practice (with Smith and Vanstone, Macmillan, 1994); Understanding Community Penalties (with Vanstone, 2002); Race and Probation (with Lewis, Smith and Wardak, 2005); Developments in Social Work with Offenders (with Gill McIvor, Jessica Kingsley 2007); Rehabilitation,

'A valuable addition to the literature the author is a recognized authority in his field and highly regarded. There are very few academics in Britain who could write such a book.' - Professor David Smith, Applied Social Sciences, Lancaster University, UK

'...the best available review on the social history, current status, and possible future of is a concise and accessible conduit for getting readers up to speed about the complex issues involved in whether rehabilitation should serve as a guiding theory of corrections.' - Francis T. Cullen, Punishment and Society, 14 (1), 2012

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