Wet chemical synthesis of metal oxides

door K, Kalpanadevi
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K, Kalpanadevi Wet chemical synthesis of metal oxides
K, Kalpanadevi - Wet chemical synthesis of metal oxides

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Nowadays, the material science research is focused on the invention of new materials with the enhanced properties and novel synthesis techniques to cope up with the increased technological demand in many fields. Nanocrystalline materials are the center of the attention due to their tremendous applications and interesting properties. The properties of nanomaterials are remarkably different than that of their bulk counterpart.chemical precipitation, one of the important wet chemical methods, is found to be unique and highly versatile. It is an easy and fast process which yields high-purity, homogenous, crystalline metal oxide nanoparticles in a short time and with less energy, relative ease of preparation and low cost. Its simple process, cost-effectiveness and crystallization as well as the control of the morphologies, sizes and phase transformation, have attracted the researchers to a great extent.


K, Kalpanadevi


Dr.K.Kalpanadevi, M.Sc., MPhil., Ph.D., is working as Assistant professor of Chemistry in Kongunadu Arts and Science College. Her research areas are Coordination chemistry and Nanochemistry. She has a teaching and research experience of 9 years. She has published more than 25 research articles in international journals and a few books.
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