The Aftermath of Suffrage - Women, Gender, and Politics in Britain, 1918-1945

door Julie V. Gottlieb
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Julie V. Gottlieb The Aftermath of Suffrage - Women, Gender, and Politics in Britain, 1918-1945
Julie V. Gottlieb - The Aftermath of Suffrage - Women, Gender, and Politics in Britain, 1918-1945

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This collection explores the aftermath of the Representation of the People Act, which gave some British women the vote. Experts examine the paths taken by both former-suffragists as well as their anti-suffragist adversaries, the practices of suffrage commemoration, and the changing priorities and formations of British feminism in this era.


Julie V. Gottlieb
Richard Toye


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X, 254 p.
Introduction; Julie V. Gottlieb and Richard Toye 1. Emmeline Pankhurst in the Aftermath of Suffrage, 1918-1928; June Purvis 2. From Prudent Housewife to Empire Shopper: Party Appeals to the Female Voter, 1918-1928; David Thackeray 3. The Impact of Mass Democracy on British Political Culture, 1918 – 1939; Pat Thane 4. The House of Commons in the Aftermath of Suffrage; Richard Toye 5. Feminism and the Modern Woman: Debates in the British Popular Press, 1918-1939; Adrian Bingham 6. 'Doing Great Public Work Privately': Female Antis in the Interwar Years; Philippe Vervaecke 7. Towards an Archaeology of Interwar Women's Politics: the Local and the Everyday; Karen Hunt and June Hannam 8. 'Shut Against the Woman and Workman Alike': Democratizing Foreign Policy Between the Wars; Helen McCarthy 9. 'We were done the moment we gave women the vote': The Female Franchise Factor and the Munich By-elections, 1938-39; Julie Gottlieb 10. 'They have made their mark entirely out of proportion to their numbers': Women and Parliamentary Committees, c. 1918-1945; Mari Takayanagi 11. The Political Autobiographies of Early Women MPs c.1918-1964; Krista Cowman 12. 'Women for Westminster,' Feminism, and the Limits of Non-partisan Associational Culture; Laura Beers
Palgrave Macmillan UK
Laura Beers, American University in Washington, DC, USA
Adrian Bingham, University of Sheffield, UK
Krista Cowman, University of Lincoln, UK
Julie V. Gottlieb, University of Sheffield, UK
June Hannam, University of the West of England, UK
Karen Hunt, Keele University, UK
Helen McCarthy, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
June Purvis, University of Portsmouth, UK
Mari Takayanagi, Parliamentary Archives, London, UK
David Thackeray, University of Exeter, UK
Pat Thane, Kings College, London, UK
Philippe Vervaecke, Lille 3 University, France

'For the contributors to this collection, the "road to equality" has been marked by victories, yes, but also by struggles, frustrations, misrepresentations and compromises. It may not be the narrative that Viscountess Rhondda had hoped for, but it is certainly a sobering account of rights in action.'

- Arianne Chernock, Boston University, USA

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