Religious Revelation

door James Kellenberger
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James Kellenberger Religious Revelation
James Kellenberger - Religious Revelation

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This book addresses several dimensions of religious revelation. These include its occurrence in various religious traditions, its different forms, its elaborations, how it has been understood by Western theologians, and differing views of revelation’s ontological status.  It has been remarked that revelation is most at home in theistic traditions, and this book gives each of the three Abrahamic traditions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – its own chapter. Revelation, however, is not limited to theistic traditions; forms found in Buddhism and nondevotional (nontheistic) Hinduism are also explored. In the book’s final chapter a particularly significant form of religious revelation is identified and examined: pervasive revelation. The theistic manifestation of this form of revelation, pervasive in the sense that it may occurs in all the domains or dimensions of human existence, is shown to be richly represented in the Psalms, where God’s presence may be found in the heavens, in the growing of grass, and in one’s daily going out and coming in. Pervasive revelation of religious reality is also shown to be present in the Buddhist tradition.


James Kellenberger


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X, 88 p.

 1  Introduction 

 2  Revelation in Judaism 

 3  Revelation in Christianity

 4  Revelation in Islam

 5  Revelation in Other Traditions

 6  Elaborations of Revelation

 7  Oracles, Dreams, and Other Revelatory Experiences

 8  Theologians on Revelation

 9  Views of Revelation

 10  Faith and Revelation

 11  Pervasive Revelation



Explores the concept of religious revelation throughout various traditions, forms, and elaborations

Expands the discussion of revelation beyond theistic traditions to include Buddhism and nondevotional Hinduism

Presents and defends a potentially universal form of pervasive religious revelation

Springer International Publishing
James Kellenberger is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Northridge, USA. His previous books include Kierkegaard and NietzscheDying to Self and Detachment, and, most recently, Religion; Pacifism, and Nonviolence and
The Presence of God and the Presence of Persons.

1st ed. 2021
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