Production Planning with Capacitated Resources and Congestion

door Hubert Missbauer
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Hubert Missbauer Production Planning with Capacitated Resources and Congestion
Hubert Missbauer - Production Planning with Capacitated Resources and Congestion

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This book presents a comprehensive overview of recent developments in production planning. The monograph begins with an introductory chapter reviewing the need for these production planning models, that operate by determining time-phased releases of work into the facility or supply chain, relating these to the Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) frameworks, that form the basis of most academic research and industrial practice.  The extensive body of work on Workload Control is also placed in this context, and proves the need for improved models with a discussion of the difficulties, these approaches encounter.
The next two chapters present a detailed review of the state of the art in optimization models based on exogenous planned lead times, and examines the cases where these can take both integer and fractional values. The difficulties arising in estimating planned lead times are consistent with factory behavior which are highlighted, noting that many of these lead to non-convex optimization models. Attempts to address these difficulties by iterative multimodel approaches, that combine simulation and mathematical programming, are also discussed in detail. The next three chapters of the volume address the set of techniques developed using clearing functions, which represent the expected output of a resource in a planning period, as a function of the expected workload of the resource, during that period.
The chapters on this subject propose a basic optimization model for multiple products, discuss the difficulties of this model and some possible solutions. It also reviews prior work, and discuss a number of alternative formulations of the clearing function concept with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Applications to lot sizing decisions and a number of other specific problems are also described. This volume concludes with an assessment of the state of the art described in the volume, and several directions for future work.


Hubert Missbauer
Reha Uzsoy


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X, 285 p. 62 illus., 42 illus. in color.
Hubert Missbauer is Professor of Production and Logistics Management in the Department of Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. His teaching and research interests are in production and logistics management, production planning and control, and quantitative models in management. Reha Uzsoy is Clifton A. Anderson Distinguished Professor in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University. His teaching and research interests are in production planning and supply chain management.
Chapter 1. Introduction.- Chapter 2. Workload and Cycle Time in the Production Unit.- Chapter 3. Production Planning and Control Frameworks.- Chapter 4. The Workload Control Approach.- Chapter 5. Planning Models with Stationary Fixed Lead Times.- Chapter 6. Time - Varying Lead Times and Iterative Multi - Model Approaches.- Chapter 7. Univariate Clearing Functions.- Chapter 8. Multivariate Clearing Functions.- Chapter 9. Lot Sizing Models Using Multidimensional Clearing Functions.- Chapter 10. Applications of Clearing Functions.- Chapter 11. Conclusions and Future Directions.
1st ed. 2020
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Concise monograph brings field completely up to date

Presents clearing function models and their applications

Authors are among the most prominent names in the field

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