Nothing is impossible, you just need a dream

door Corgelas, Audyl
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Corgelas, Audyl Nothing is impossible, you just need a dream
Corgelas, Audyl - Nothing is impossible, you just need a dream

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What can we do to achieve the happiness we hope for before our journey to the other world? To achieve our happiness, are there particular recipes like those used to prepare a salad, a cake, etc? So, this book titled "Nothing is impossible, just have a dream", is a story that paints the meaning of life of a man from the peasant class. Whoever you are, dear readers, his destiny, his confidence, his self-esteem have made the referee of this retrospective story. He conspires with you through his sufferings, the obstacles encountered in his life, and in the name of all youth, not to squash a unique and useful work, which can serve as a benchmark to motivate young people to learn.In this regard, this work is the historical monument of the author, his character traits that have not been falsified by the unhealthy words of others, his resilience in the face of life's adversity and passions. In short, he presents you with his misfortunes, his great moments, the power of a dream, the power of a taste for effort and a sense of sacrifice. So, what lessons could you draw from this work?


Corgelas, Audyl


Audyl Corgelas, Licencié en Sciences de l'éducation à l'Université Quisqueya (UnQ). Ex-Bousier de l'Organisation HELP(2014-2018). Auteur de plusieurs articles et ouvrages. Certifié en Leadership (4 ans), Informatique (2 ans) et Anglais (3ans). Assistant-Professeur à l'UniQ (2016-2018). Passionné de la recherche et de la formation Jeunes et Adultes
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