Genetically Modified Food Controversies

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Alphascript Publishing Genetically Modified Food Controversies
Alphascript Publishing - Genetically Modified Food Controversies

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The genetically modified food controversy is a dispute over the relative advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified (GM) food crops and other uses of genetically-modified organisms in food production. The dispute involves biotechnology companies, governmental regulators, non-governmental organizations and scientists. The dispute is most intense in Europe, where public concern about GM food is higher than in other parts of the world such as the United States, where GM crops are more widely grown and the introduction of these products has been less controversial. Safety is a major issue in this controversy. Adverse health effects need to be screened for, because health effects are dependent upon the modifications made. The need for screening and testing increases as more changes are made, and "second-generation" GMs will require more testing. To date no adverse health effects caused by products approved for sale have been documented, although two products failed initial safety testing and were discontinued, due to allergic reactions.


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Miller, Frederic P.
Vandome, Agnes F.
McBrewster, John
Alphascript Publishing


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