Acropolis - Book I Fervour

door Z J Galos
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Z J Galos Acropolis - Book I Fervour
Z J Galos - Acropolis - Book I Fervour

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Ara, poet, and artist from Africa of the South, meets sensuous Ana under mysterious circumstances at the Acropolis in Athens and again at the central library. He is smitten by her intellect that matches her beauty. From a virtual love interest, Ara is as eager to meet her in real life as she'll agree to a first stealthy meeting in flesh and blood, where they fall for each other with a whirlwind romantic lovemaking. As sweethearts, they have to endeavor the times, before Ara has to return to his work on the 'Dark Continent'. However, love does not fade through the physical distance, thanks to Internet communication that keeps their love intact. Ara visits Athens repeatedly with his wife, who suffers from a nervous ailment, but she would enjoy the times Ara cares for her wellbeing, besides she enjoys the warm Mediterranean climate. Ara meets Ana daily, just as her family commitments allow her, as she is deeply committed to him, yet she also shares him with other lady-friends. Physical love is second-nature for her and both lovebirds believe in free love. The poets meet at a gala for Ana's brother who had won a poetry award in the USA, where they meet Cathy, the epitome of an erotic woman, loving them both...


Z J Galos


Z J Galos:
Born in Eastern Austria, close to the Hungarian border, he witnessed as a young man the horrors of a nation's suppression, erupting in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He finished his education in art and architecture in Vienna, married and sailed for the Cape of Africa, an adventure that followed his childhood dreams. He had drawn African animals for his art classes, but the time had come to see them in their natural habitat.
Meeting a varied facet of people and cultures, working as a draughtsman in an engineering office, as an architect for a cultural center, as a coordinator of craftsmen and professionals, he made good use of his language skills traveling throughout Southern Africa.
During a trip to Lesotho, a native artist showed him rock paintings with their stark palimpsest outlines and with typified movements of animals and humans. It made a lasting impression on him and influenced his artistic work.
His vast collection of drawings and slides had been lost during a change of domiciles, but further studies of the San-people reawakened his dormant artistic longing for expression of his art, filling sketchbooks with drawings and notepads with poetry and prose. While revisiting the capitals of Europe, he sensed the bond of art being borderless and free, reaching out across continents into the world.
During visits to Greece, he was accepted into a circle of artists and poets, who encouraged him to continue his art, and a friend introduced him to the works of famous Greek poets.
In South Africa, he joined writing and poetry workshops of 'Writers Write'. It was to open the floodgates of his creativity.
He decided to travel through Greece and visit its sites of antiquity, read up on Classical mythology and to enjoy translations of Greek poetry and prose.
Settled in 2013/14 in Klosterneuburg-Weidling, a historic and romantic village, part of the culturally important city of Klosterneuburg, where he now lives and prepares his poetry and novels for publication. In painting his poetry, he has established his series of paintings and drawings, he calls Mystical Realism. Poet Nikolaus Lenau is buried here, and Franz Kafka had visited. Their writings will be always an inspiration.
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