My Heart to Find

door Annalise, Elin
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Annalise, Elin My Heart to Find
Annalise, Elin - My Heart to Find

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Avid crime-fiction-reader Cara Tate is twenty-five years old, shy, asexual, and desperate to find love. But there's a problem: Cara's chronic Lyme disease has caused brain inflammation and OCD that makes her afraid of anyone touching her. Plus, finding other aces isn't easy--especially when there's no guarantee of a connection. But there is one man Cara knows who is ace and whom she feels something for. One man who she might just be able to hug...or more. If she can summon the courage to defy the control of her OCD. Three years ago, when Cara was healthy, she and her ace best friend Jana went on a retreat for those on the asexual spectrum. There, she met professional dog-walker and true-crime-fanatic Damien Noelle--the only man she's ever felt a connection with. But she was too nervous to stay in contact with Damien after the retreat and has spent the last three years strongly regretting it. So when Fate has her path cross with Damien once more, and they have the chance to investigate a real-life crime together, Cara's determined to overcome her shyness and OCD and let him know she's more than interested. The only problem is Damien seems interested in Jana now, and the last thing Cara wants to do is ruin her friend's happiness. For the last few months, Jana's been dealing with the boss from hell, and Cara knows Damien could be the best thing Jana's had all year. She can't take that away from her best friend... can she? My Heart to Find is an #ownvoices story for asexuality and chronic illness representation (Lyme Disease and Encephalitis-induced OCD, also known as PANS). Each book in the Aces in Love series can be read as a standalone; no prior knowledge of the series is needed to enjoy these stories!


Annalise, Elin


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