Artificial Intelligence in the Gulf - Challenges and Opportunities

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Springer Singapore Artificial Intelligence in the Gulf - Challenges and Opportunities
Springer Singapore - Artificial Intelligence in the Gulf - Challenges and Opportunities

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This book presents the first broad reflection on the challenges, opportunities, and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Unique results and insights are derived through case studies from diverse disciplines, including engineering, economics, data science, policy-making, governance, and humanscience. Particularly related to these ‘softer’ disciplines, we make some unexplored yet topical contributions to the literature, with a focus on the GCC (but by no means limited to it), including AI and implications for women, Islamic schools of thought on AI, and the power of AI to help deliver wellbeing and happiness in cities and urban spaces. Finally, the readers are provided with a synthesis of ideas, lessons learned, and a path forward based on the diverse content of the chapters. The book caters to the educated non specialist with interest in AI, targeting a wide audience including professionals, academics, government officials, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and non-governmental organizations.


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XIV, 315 p. 36 illus., 16 illus. in color.
Elie Azar is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering atKhalifa University of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE. His research on data-driven methods to improve the built environment's performance is frequently featured in leading peer-reviewed journals and conferences, earninghim multiple academic awards and distinctions. Elie is also the author of books on Sustainability and Smart Cities in the Gulf.

Anthony N. Haddad is Senior Manager for Pan-MENA Initiatives at Amazon. Anthony's work at Amazon is focused on building scalable logistics and retail products and services in the cross-border ecommerce space, including new country expansions. Previously, Anthony worked in strategy management consulting in the GCC, advising clients across government, telecommunications and national education systems.

Part I - Introduction.- Chapter 1: “An Introduction to AI in the GCC”.- Chapter 2: “Framework of Study and Book Organization”.- Part II – Data, Governance and Regulations.- Chapter 3: “Public Sector Data for Academic Research: the case of the UAE".- Chapter 4: “Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in Bahrain: Challenges and Opportunities”.- Chapter 5: “Thoughts and Reflections on the Case of Qatar: Should Artificial Intelligence be Regulated?”.- Part III – Existing Opportunities and Sectoral Applications .- Chapter 6: “Knowledge, Attitude, and Perceptions of Financial Industry Employees toward AI in the GCC Region”.- Chapter 7: “The GCC and Global Health Diplomacy: The New Drive towards Artificial Intelligence”.- Chapter 8: “Free Zones in Dubai: Accelerators for Artificial Intelligence in the Gulf”.- Part IV – Society, Utopia and Dystopia.- Chapter 9: “AI & Well-Being: Can AI make you happy in the city?”.- Chapter 10: “Women and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: An examination of the UAE’s national AI strategy”.- Chapter 11: “The Art and Science of Data and Mind Control: AI in the UAE and Beyond”.- Chapter 12: “Fatwas from on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”.- Part V – Conclusion.- Chapter 13: “Outlook of the future of AI in the GCC”.
1st ed. 2021
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Azar, Elie;Azar
Haddad, Anthony N.;Haddad
First scholarly book that covers AI in the GCC context.

Includes case studies from diverse disciplines (e.g., engineering, policy-making and governance, economics, social science, and data science)Chapters also cover topics on AI and implications for women, Islamic schools of thought on AI, and AI and well-being in cities and urban spaces

Springer Singapore


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