JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

door Tim Ambler
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Tim Ambler JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev
Tim Ambler - JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

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JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev
 is your guide to the wild, vast, and untamed frontier that is JavaScript development.

The JavaScript tooling landscape has grown and matured drastically in the past several years. This book will serve as an introduction to both new and well established libraries, frameworks, and utilities that have gained popular traction and support from seasoned developers. It covers tools applicable to the entire development stack, both client- and server-side.

While no single book can possibly cover every JavaScript library of value, JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev focuses on incredibly useful libraries and frameworks that production software uses. You will be treated to detailed analyses and sample code for tools that manage dependencies, structure code in a modular fashion, automate repetitive build tasks, create specialized servers, structure client side applications, facilitate horizontal scaling, and interacting with disparate data stores.

The libraries and frameworks covered include Bower, Grunt, Yeoman, PM2, RequireJS, Browserify, Knockout, AngularJS, Kraken, Mach, Mongoose, Knex, Bookshelf, Faye, Q, Async.js, Underscore, and Lodash.

Written from first-hand experience, you will benefit from the glorious victories and innumerable failures of two experienced professionals, gain quick insight into hurdles that aren't always explicitly mentioned in API documentation or Readmes, and quickly learn how to use JavaScript frameworks and libraries like a Pro.

Enrich your development skills with JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev today.


Tim Ambler
Nicholas Cloud


Opmerking illustraties:
91 SW-Abb.
Brings together a fundamental collection of JavaScript frameworks and teaches them using real-world examples. JavaScript continues to be a high-selling area and this book covers many frameworks for which no published book content currently exists.
All of the information in this book will be highly searchable on Safari, Books24x7, SpringerLink, and other database services.
Uitgever van videogames:
"It consists of 16 chapters and thus presents 16 different JS Frameworks. ... the whole code is 100% available for free online at the site of Apress, which is really the way to write books for JS Frameworks. ... the book is readable, explaining the main idea of each framework, how to install it and how does it work. ... The book is worthy, if you are an experienced JavaScript developer!" (Vitosh Academy,, January, 2016)
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Paperback book
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€ 46,66
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