Grid and Cooperative Computing - Second International Workshop, GCC 2003 Shanhai, China, December 7–10, 2003 Revised Papers, Part I

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Springer Berlin Grid and Cooperative Computing - Second International Workshop, GCC 2003 Shanhai, China, December 7–10, 2003 Revised Papers, Part I
Springer Berlin - Grid and Cooperative Computing - Second International Workshop, GCC 2003 Shanhai, China, December 7–10, 2003 Revised Papers, Part I

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Grid and cooperative computing has emerged as a new frontier of information tech- logy. It aims to share and coordinate distributed and heterogeneous network resources forbetterperformanceandfunctionalitythatcanotherwisenotbeachieved.Thisvolume contains the papers presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Grid and Coope- tive Computing, GCC 2003, which was held in Shanghai, P.R. China, during December 7–10, 2003. GCC is designed to serve as a forum to present current and future work as well as to exchange research ideas among researchers, developers, practitioners, and usersinGridcomputing,Webservicesandcooperativecomputing,includingtheoryand applications. For this workshop, we received over 550 paper submissions from 22 countries and regions. All the papers were peer-reviewed in depth and qualitatively graded on their relevance, originality, signi?cance, presentation, and the overall appropriateness of their acceptance. Any concerns raised were discussed by the program committee. The or- nizing committee selected 176 papers for conference presentation (full papers) and 173 submissions for poster presentation (short papers).The papers included herein represent the forefront of research from China, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Aust- lia, India, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Norway, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Oman, Pakistan and other countries. More than 600 attendees participated in the technical section and the exhibition of the workshop.


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XXXVII, 1114 p.
Vega Grid: A Computer Systems Approach to Grid Research.- Vega Grid: A Computer Systems Approach to Grid Research.- Problems of and Mechanisms for Instantiating Virtual Organizations.- Grid Computing: The Next Stage of the Internet.- Making Grid Computing Real for High Performance and Enterprise Computing.- Grid Computing for Enterprise and Beyond.- Semantic Grid: Scientific Issues, Methodology, and Practice in China.- Grid Computing, Vision, Strategy, and Technology.- Towards a Petascale Research Grid Infrastructure.- The Microgrid: Enabling Scientific Study of Dynamic Grid Behavior.- On-Demand Business Collaboration Enablement with Services Computing.- Session 1: Grid Application.- Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aero-craft Shapes by Using Grid Based High Performance Computational Framework.- A Research on the Framework of Grid Manufacturing.- Large-Scale Biological Sequence Assembly and Alignment by Using Computing Grid.- Implementation of Grid-Enabled Medical Simulation Applications Using Workflow Techniques.- C 2: A New Overlay Network Based on CAN and Chord.- An Engineering Computation Oriented Visual Grid Framework.- Interaction Compatibility: An Essential Ingredient for Service Composition.- A Distributed Media Service System Based on Globus Data-Management Technologies.- Load Balancing between Heterogeneous Computing Clusters.- “Gridifying” Aerodynamic Design Problem Using GridRPC.- A WEB-GIS Based Urgent Medical Rescue CSCW System for SARS Disease Prevention.- MASON: A Model for Adapting Service-Oriented Grid Applications.- Coordinating Business Transaction for Grid Service.- Conceptual Framework for Recommendation System Based on Distributed User Ratings.- Grid Service-Based Parallel Finite Element Analysis.- The Design and Implementation of the GridLab Information Service.- Comparison Shopping Systems Based on Semantic Web – A Case Study of Purchasing Cameras.- A New Navigation Method for Web Users.- Application Availability Measurement in Computational Grid.- Research and Application of Distributed Fusion System Based on Grid Computing.- An Efficient and Self-Configurable Publish-Subscribe System.- The Implementation of the Genetic Optimized Algorithm of Air Craft Geometry Designing Based on Grid Computing.- Distributed Information Management System for Grid Computing.- The Design of Adaptive Platform for Visual-Intensive Applications over the Grid.- Maintaining Packet Order for the Parallel Switch.- Grid-Based Process Simulation Technique and Support System.- Some Grid Automata for Grid Computing.- The Cooperation of Virtual Enterprise Supported by the Open Agent System.- The Granularity Analysis of MPI Parallel Programs.- NGG: A Service-Oriented Application Grid Architecture for National Geological Survey.- Integration of the Distributed Simulation into the OGSA Model.- An Extendable Grid Simulation Environment Based on GridSim.- The Architecture of Traffic Information Grid.- Construction Scheme of Meteorological Application Grid (MAG).- OGSA Based E-learning System: An Approach to Build Next Generation of Online Education.- Multimedia Delivery Grid: A Novel Multimedia Delivery Scheme.- The System for Computing of Molecule Structure on the Computational Grid Environment.- An Efficient Parallel Crawler in Grid Environment.- The Development and Application of Numerical Packages Based on NetSolve.- Grid-Based Biological Computation Service Environment.- CIMES: A Collaborative Image Editing System for Pattern Design.- Campus Grid and Its Application.- The Realization Methods of PC Cluster Experimental Platform in Linux.- Coarse-Grained Distributed Parallel Programming Interface for Grid Computing.- User Guided Parallel Programming Platform.- A High-Performance Intelligent Integrated Data Services System in Data Grid.- Architecting CORBA-Based Distributed Applications.- Design of NGIS: The Next Generation Internet Server for Future E-society.- Video-on-Demand System Using Multicast and Web-Caching Techniques.- Session 2: Peer to Peer Computing.- PeerBus: A Middleware Framework towards Interoperability among P2P Data Sharing Systems.- Ptops Index Server for Advanced Search Performance of P2P System with a Simple Discovery Server.- Improvement of Routing Structure in P2P Overlay Networks.- Overlay Topology Matching in P2P Systems.- Effect of Links on DHT Routing Algorithms.- A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Task Scheduling in Computation Grid.- Efficient Search in Gnutella-Like “Small-World” Peer-to-Peer Systems.- Dominating-Set-Based Searching in Peer-to-Peer Networks.- GFS-Btree: A Scalable Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network for Lookup Service.- An Approach to Content-Based Approximate Query Processing in Peer-to-Peer Data Systems.- A Hint-Based Locating and Routing Mechanism in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems.- Content Location Using Interest-Based Subnet in Peer-to-Peer System.- Trust and Cooperation in Peer-to-Peer Systems.- A Scalable Peer-to-Peer Lookup Model.- Characterizing Peer-to-Peer Traffic across Internet.- Improving the Objects Set Availability in the P2P Environment by Multiple Groups.- PBiz: An E-business Model Based on Peer-to-Peer Network.- P2P Overlay Networks of Constant Degree.- An Efficient Contents Discovery Mechanism in Pure P2P Environments.- Distributed Computation for Diffusion Problem in a P2P-Enhanced Computing System.- Applications of Peer to Peer Technology in CERNET.- PSMI: A JXTA 2.0-Based Infrastructure for P2P Service Management Using Web Service Registries.- CIPS-P2P: A Stable Coordinates-Based Integrated-Paid-Service Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure.- A Multicast Routing Algorithm for P2P Networks.- Leveraging Duplicates to Improve File Availability of P2P Storage Systems.- Distributing the Keys into P2P Network.- SemanticPeer: An Ontology-Based P2P Lookup Service.- Authentication and Access Control in P2P Network.- Methodology Discussion of Grid Peer-Peer Computing.- PipeSeeU: A Scalable Peer-to-Peer Multipoint Video Conference System.- Session 3: Grid Architectures.- Vega Grid: A Computer Systems Approach to Grid Research.- RB-GACA: A RBAC Based Grid Access Control Architecture.- GriDE: A Grid-Enabled Development Environment.- Information Grid Toolkit: Infrastructure of Shanghai Information Grid.- On-Demand Services Composition and Infrastructure Management.- GridDaen: A Data Grid Engine.- Research on Security Architecture and Protocols of Grid Computing System.- A Multi-agent System Architecture for End-User Level Grid Monitoring Using Geographic Information Systems (MAGGIS): Architecture and Implementation.- An Architecture of Game Grid Based on Resource Router.- Scalable Resource Management and Load Assignment for Grid and Peer-to-Peer Services.- Research on the Application of Multi-agent Technology to Spatial Information Grid.- An Optimal Method of Diffusion Algorithm for Computational Grid.- A Reconfigurable High Availability Infrastructure in Cluster for Grid.- An Adaptive Information Grid Architecture for Recommendation System.- Research on Construction of EAI-Oriented Web Service Architecture.- GridBR: The Challenge of Grid Computing.- Autonomous Distributed Service System: Basic Concepts and Evaluation.- ShanghaiGrid in Action: The First Stage Projects towards Digital City and City Grid.- Spatial Information Grid – An Agent Framework.- Agent-Based Framework for Grid Computing.- A Hierarchical Grid Architecture Based on Computation/Application Metadata.- A Transparent-to-Outside Resource Management Framework for Computational Grid.- A Service-Based Hierarchical Architecture for Parallel Computing in Grid Environment.- A Grid Computing Framework for Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations.- Principle and Framework of Information Grid Evaluation.- Manufacturing Grid: Needs, Concept, and Architecture.- Developing a Framework to Implement Security in Web Services.- Session 4: Grid Middleware and Toolkits.- Computing Pool: A Simplified and Practical Computational Grid Model.- Formalizing Service Publication and Discovery in Grid Computing Systems.- An Improved Solution to I/O Support Problems in Wide Area Grid Computing Environments.- Agora: Grid Community in Vega Grid.- Sophisticated Interaction – A Paradigm on the Grid.- A Composite-Event-Based Message-Oriented Middleware.- An Integration Architecture for Grid Resources.- Component-Based Middleware Platform for Grid Computing.- Grid Gateway: Message-Passing between Separated Cluster Interconnects.- A Model for User Management in Grid Computing Environments.- GSPD: A Middleware That Supports Publication and Discovery of Grid Services.- Partially Evaluating Grid Services by DJmix.- Integrated Binding Service Model for Supporting Both Naming/Trading and Location Services in Inter/Intra-net Environments.- Personal Grid Running at the Edge of Internet.- Grid Workflow Based on Performance Evaluation.- Research on User Programming Environment in Grid.- The Delivery and Accounting Middleware in the ShanghaiGrid.- Applying Agent into Web Testing and Evolution.- Experiences on Computational Program Reuse with Service Mechanism.- Research and Implementation of the Real-Time Middleware in Open System.- An Object-Oriented Petri Nets Based Integrated Development Environment for Grid-Based Applications.- Some Views on Building Computational Grids Infrastructure.- Research on Computing Grid Software Architecture.- Research on Integrating Service in Grid Portal.- GSRP: An Application-Level Protocol for Grid Environments.- Towards a Mobile Service Mechanism in a Grid Environment.- Mobile Middleware Based on Distributed Object.- Session 5: Web Security and Web Services.- On the Malicious Participants Problem in Computational Grid.- Certificate Validation Scheme of Open Grid Service Usage XKMS.- Distributed IDS Tracing Back to Attacking Sources.- The Study on Mobile Phone-Oriented Application Integration Technology of Web Services.- Group Rekeying Algorithm Using Pseudo-random Functions and Modular Reduction.- Semantics and Formalizations of Mission-Aware Behavior Trust Model for Grids.- Study on a Secure Access Model for the Grid Catalogue.- Modeling Trust Management System for Grids.- Avoid Powerful Tampering by Malicious Host.- Secure Grid-Based Mobile Agent Platform by Instance-Oriented Delegation.- Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Secure against Offline Dictionary Attack and Server Compromise.- StarOTS: An Efficient Distributed Transaction Recovery Mechanism in the CORBA Component Runtime Environment.- Web Services Testing, the Methodology, and the Implementation of the Automation-Testing Tool.- Composing Web Services Based on Agent and Workflow.- Structured Object-Z Software Specification Language.- Ontology-Based Intelligent Sensing Action in Golog for Web Service Composition.- The Design of an Efficient Kerberos Authentication Mechanism Associated with Directory Systems.- A Multi-agent Based Architecture for Network Attack Resistant System.- Design and Implementation of Data Mapping Engine Based on Multi-XML Documents.- Research on the Methods of Search and Elimination in Covert Channels.- Design and Performance of Firewall System Based on Embedded Computing.- OGSA Security Authentication Services.- Detecting Identification of a Remote Web Server via Its Behavioral Characteristics.- Access Control Architecture for Web Services.- Formalizing Web Service and Modeling Web Service-Based System Based on Object Oriented Petri Net.- Report about Middleware.- Grid Security Gateway on RADIUS and Packet Filter.- A Security Policy Implementation Model in Computational GRID.- An Approach of Building LinuxCluster-Based Grid Services.- Dynamic E-commerce Security Based on the Web Services.- Standardization of Page Service Using XSLT Based on Grid System.- Secure Super-distribution Protocol for Digital Rights Management in Unauthentic Network Environment.- X-NIndex: A High Performance Stable and Large XML Document Query Approach and Experience in TOP500 List Data.- The Analysis of Authorization Mechanisms in the Grid.- Constructing Secure Web Service Based on XML.- ECC Based Intrusion Tolerance for Web Security.- Design for Reliable Service Aggregation in an Architectural Environment.- The Anatomy of Web Services.- Automated Vulnerability Management through Web Services.- Optimizing Java Based Web Services by Partial Evaluation.- An XML Based General Configuration Language: XGCL.- Modification on Kerberos Authentication Protocol in Grid Computing Environment.- A Distributed Honeypot System for Grid Security.- Web Security Using Distributed Role Hierarchy.- User Authentication Protocol Based on Human Memorable Password and Using ECC.- New Authentication Systems.- Web Proxy Caching Mechanism to Evenly Distribute Transmission Channel in VOD System.
Li, Minglu;Li
Sun, Xian-He;Sun
Deng, Qianni;Deng
Ni, Jun;Ni
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