Using film as a source

door Barber, Sian
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Barber, Sian Using film as a source
Barber, Sian - Using film as a source

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This book is a hands-on study skills guide, which explores how film and moving image can be used as sources. It is aimed at those who want to use film material as the basis for research and offers advice on research methods, theory and methodology, archival work and film-based analysis including a detailed section on film aesthetics. It draws on the disciplines of film and history to offer advice for students and researchers in these fields.

The skills acquired in the fields of history, politics, English literature, sociology, cultural and media studies can all help to use film as 'historical evidence,' but the study of film is a discipline in its own right. Film cannot be treated simply as a historical source, but rather needs to be understood as a distinctive medium, possessed of visual and textual codes.

This guide includes sections on working with different kinds of moving images, how to explore visual sources, how to undertake film-related research and how to use film theory. As well as detailed case studies on individual films and topics, it also offers advice on research, writing and studying, creating a methodology, visiting archives, accessing material and exploring films from a historical perspective. Throughout, examples are provided of good research practice, whether it be conducting an interview, visiting an archive, undertaking textual analysis or defining a research question.


Barber, Sian



Sian Barber is a Lecturer in Film Studies at Queen's University Belfast
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