Media Effects And Youth

door Al-Saraai, Sultan
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Al-Saraai, Sultan Media Effects And Youth
Al-Saraai, Sultan - Media Effects And Youth

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ince the beginning of the 21st century, media usage has both flourished and become a necessary part in the lives of people. During its development, many new tools emerged such as social media networks and video games which occupy the minds of the youth. Many companies come to realise that over time it would be a profitable business, so each rushed to be the number one contender for the lives of the youth. Currently, thousands of tools are available for the youth who are really interested in them. They only see the bright side of these tools but unfortunately they have no idea regarding the slow and imperceptible influence that is affecting them in the areas of health, social and personal affairs. This book therefore, contains a collection of empirical studies concerning the effects of different media tools on youth; these have shown how some media tools affect the lives of the youth and they provide the required solutions. This book should be useful to communications scholars, professionals, researches and teachers, or anyone else who may be interested in finding out more about this area of concern in order to avoid the negative impacts of this form of media.


Al-Saraai, Sultan


Sultan Al-Saraai has a Bachelor degree in Communication Studies from Nizwa College of Applies Sciences, Oman. He contributed a study in one book "Cyber Media in Oman". He won several media prizes in internal competitions organized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman. He is currently producing reports in English for Oman TV.
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