Jones, S: Burn After Writing

door Jones, Sharon
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Jones, Sharon Jones, S: Burn After Writing
Jones, Sharon - Jones, S: Burn After Writing

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***THE ORIGINAL MILLION-COPY BESTSELLER***Write. Burn. Repeat. Now featuring a brand new pink cover. *Also available: Burn After Writing: Illustrated by Rhiannon Shove*'This book has made me laugh and cry, filled me with joy, and inspired me.' -TikTok user camrynbanksInstagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok, VSCO, YouTube...the world has not only become one giant feed, but also one giant confessional. Burn After Writing allows you to spend less time scrolling and more time self-reflecting. Through incisive questions and thought experiments, this journal helps you learn new things while letting others go. Imagine instead of publicly declaring your feelings for others, you privately declared your feelings for yourself?Help your heart by turning off the comments and muting the accounts that drive you into jealousy for a few moments a night. Whether you are going through the ups and downs of growing up, or know a few young people who are, you will flourish by finding free expression - even if through a few tears!Push your limits, reflect on your past, present, and future, and create a secret book that's about you, and just for you. This is not a diary, and there is no posting required. And when you're finished, toss it, hide it, or Burn After Writing.


Jones, Sharon


Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my Amazon author page.I'm the author of the original Burn After Writing - a self-discovery book that encourages you the reader to ask yourself where you've come from, where you are now and ultimately just where you are going.My new book This Is What My Soul Looks Like continues that journey of self-reflection by asking just who you really are and how those around shape your life. Think of it as Self Therapy.Both books began their journey right here at my kitchen table in the North East of England as I sought to answer some of the questions that I had in my own life.In my spare time, I like to write lists, start conversations and find new ways of questioning just who I am and where I'm going.Find out more at
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