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ØØ Void

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Kunstenaar: Sunn O)))
Platenlabel: Relativity
Platenlabel: Southern Lord Records


00 Void is Sunn's second album, and it's no huge departure from their first one, The Grimmrobe Demos. They are still creating sludgy, Wall of Sound drones out of down-tuned guitar and bass feedback like before, although this time around the production does a better job at capturing the extreme low-end aspect of their sound. Turn your stereo up with this one, and provided you have a half-decent pair of speakers, it will rattle the walls and make the whole room seem like it's vibrating. And that's really the most impressive thing about this disc -- that is, its sheer room-engulfing sonic power. One can sit and analyze how well Sunn combines the various layers of feedback or how they are able to create such a strong sense of doom and ugliness with their music. And those things are true, but ultimately this stuff is all about the physical power of sound -- it's ambient music straight from hell. Play loud. ~ William York